Fitness Friday

Fitness is not just something that is for young people, it is for everyone! Done the right way it can improve your quality of life and also your mental state. Not to mention that it can help relieve stress.
The BBC recently had an article about this and you can read more about that here fitness in not just for the young.
Remember though that it is always good to consult a professional when starting a new routine. Sport is best done correctly.
Enjoy your weekend

Fitness Friday

Following on from the news that Matthias is going to be training for the Marathon during the winter is seems like a good idea to start off Fitness Friday with a few tips on how to train over the winter.

Training indoor vs. Training outdoor.

It is a best to mix it up.  We all know how cold Vienna can get so, sometimes it is going to be best to train indoors.  Make sure you treat it with as much seriousness as you would outdoors and set the treadmill on a slight incline to simulate a more realistic environment.

Make sure you train with the right gear there are many blogs about this and make sure you heed the tips about not running at all when it is icy.

Also remember stretching is as important as wearing the right gear.

Check out Marathon Nation and Runners World for more tips

Grudge match result

Well, we all know the result.  Austria played well and took their chances leading to a 1-0 victory.  The result has left one of us a little happier than the other. 

I would say that the football level was not the highest on display that night and was also not the most exciting game either Ronaldo vs Zlatan was something very special.  Unfortunately this leaves the World Cup in Brazil without one of the best talents, but he would not be the only one missing out.  Here is a starting XI of great players that will not be there.

In news about the founders, Matthias has just signed up for the Vienna City Marathon and will be training all winter to be ready to go on the 13. April.

If you are looking to train will be posting some running times on OnePlayerDown so maybe you can join him.

The Tech Post – Number 1

You are about to be taken behind the curtain of OnePlayerDown and the programming side of the platform.

We needed,  as part of our Rules of the Games, to have a lot of profile photos uploaded to the platform and that can cause a lot of repetitive tasks to be run in the background leading to loading issues.  So Matthias decided to write a new buildpack to optimize the images this task.

Here is it describe in a more technical detail in the words of Matthias himself:

  • Our backend is built using Node.js (Javascript on the server), and the app is run on Heroku
  • Heroku provides Node.js support using their own Node.js buildpack
  • Grunt is a Javascript “task runner” to automate repetitive tasks such as optimization of images and files (making them smaller for production use) and so on
  • Before my buildpack you had to run the Grunt tasks locally first, then publish to Heroku
  • With my buildpack you can simply publish to Heroku and the Grunt tasks are performed on their server
  • It’s very flexible, people write their own tasks etc.
  • Currently 74 people have “starred” the project on Github, and there are a lot of forks (people cloning the project and making their own changes to it)
  • Matthias is active at the Heroku buildpack discussion board if you have questions

So if you are a programmer, have a look at it and we would be more than happy if you used it.

Grudge match day

So Germany and England are playing tonight, that is doubtlessly what you were thinking about from the title, right?

Normally that would be true, but in this instance, the grudge match has to do with the founders for One Player Down – Austria vs. USA

This game does not come along that often and might not have that many glamorous household names but without a doubt, it means something to us.

The left hand side of the Austrian team is well known with David Alaba, Marko Arnautović and Christian Fuchs and offers a nice mix of skill and determination that is likely to cause the US some problems.

The US is trying a few options out before their trip to Brazil next summer so Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan do not make the trip but Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore as well as Tim Howard are in the team so it should be a nice even game.

Enough about the professionals it is time to talk about the OPD platform and what interesting news is there.

There will be another post later about the more technical side describing some of the great things gowing on behind the scenes, but for now enjoy the Football (Soccer) tonight.

What is new in the world of OPD

We have been listening to you, we promise.  In fact, one nice extra that we just added was a head count on the events themselves to make a quick headcount easier and stopping you getting your screens dirty by pointing and counting, we admit that we count that way, so, so can you, we won’t tell anyone.

Warning!  Here comes the part where we tell you what you should do but it is actually a confession of what one of us did wrong.

We would like to take the time to remind some of the more injury prone players out there (Nick is one of them, currently sidelined with a torn calf muscle), that warming up before you play is not something that you should deem optional.

Here is a great article from Bupa giving you some tips.

An eventful Summer/Fall: The journey continues

We have been working hard behind the scenes to get teams on board and work on installing the feedback from the “players”.

My softball league used it for the fall season, not all of the teams but we will get there.  My soccer/football team is currently using it for the winter league and Matthias’ basketball team is currently using it.

Some issue that we are currently facing are that every bit of feedback we are getting means that our brains start to explode with new ideas that will compliment the feedback and offer an even better platform.

As some of you will have noticed, we have implemented a few changes and we will use the blog to announce more in the future.

If you want to know more about us please send us some feedback or email us at