New Year’s Resolutions

As the stork is taking off to deliver baby New Year, the time is coming to figure out what you are going to promise yourself to achieve before the end of the year.

According to a quick Google search there is quite a trend towards health related resolutions. The next highest is stress reduction, followed by try new things and we here at One Player Down are really proud to say that all of these issues are core advantages of using the platform.

Have a look at this article from for more inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions.

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Fitness Friday

For a lot of people today might just well have been their last day at the office until the Holidays are over.

This is when all of a sudden, you are likely to be cooped up and though we all do love our families, we can admit that it can also be stressful.  Add to that the extra food, more TV and a bit more drinking that all of a sudden a few more kilos is what Santa actually delivers.

To reduce stress and maybe keep the smiles and laughs flowing this Yuletide, a quick bit of exercising each day might be a good idea.  Might be a walk after a meal or the quick escape to the gym might not be a bad idea.  If that is a little harder to schedule, try some stretching just to get that tension built up from Saturday shopping for just the right present away.

There is also the chance that you might have one of those families who’s Christmas day moves from Lunch to busting moves on the makeshift dance floor that is more commonly know as the living room.  This time don’t just let “That” Uncle do a solo, get in there and boogie on down.

Have a look at these common excuses to not exercising over the Holidays and see which excuse you can bust first.

We want to wish you a great time with your families and friends from the One Player Down team


Fitness Friday (Saturday)

Ironically, this post is about  keeping to a schedule and how hard it can be.

Everyone always starts a workout regime with great intentions. It can differ in intensity and regularity depending on the goals you have set and what age you are.

But as the saying goes “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray”.

So staying motivated and making sure your workouts are as an important part of your weekly agenda as other things, is not easy, in fact it is an art!

Woman’s Health has a few tips on ways to help stick to you plans.

1. Just Show Up
2. Play the Percentages
3. Book It
4. Make a Date with a Friend
5. Target Your Heart
6. Be Defensive
7. Invest In a Trainer
8. Find a Happy Place

It is number four that immediately One Player Down can help you with.  Not everyone has friends that like the same sports but on our platform you will find someone for sure.

As always enjoy your weekend

The exercise high – better than medication?

We have all felt that calm relaxed feeling after exercise, the high if you wish, making you promise yourself that tomorrow you will make sure you go back to the gym.  It is not always that easy to remember the feeling the next day though.

However, the British Medical Journal might have another motivator after recently published a study with the catchy objective “To determine the comparative effectiveness of exercise versus drug interventions on mortality outcomes“.  In plain English, as the New York Times puts it “Exercise can be as effective as many frequently prescribed drugs in treating some of the leading causes of death, according to a new report“.

Though it might not be news that exercise can be a good for you and enable you to enjoy your life it is new that it might prolong your life better than prescription drugs.

Actually, the New York Times Phys Ed Blog is a great read and for our German speaking readers the Runtastic blog is great


Fitness Friday

As the holiday season is upon us we know that it gets harder to find time for sports. It is also well known that this is a stressful time of year.
There are many studies that have shown that stress can be better handled through doing exercise. Just remember how you felt after you finished exercising.
Here is a Pintrest account you might want to follow christmas fitness

We at One Player Down wholeheartedly believe in healthy heart, healthy mind.