TREND magazine interview

TREND magazine interview

Here is an interview (in German) with Nick about the story behind the One Player Down idea.  The gist of the article is about how Nick moved to Vienna for one great reason, his future wife and then also as that he felt that Vienna was better able to weather the on coming financial storm.  Having moved here he faced the normal challenges of the language and finding friends but the biggest problem was finding people to play sports with, especially Austrians.  While at a bar with a friend he overheard the conversation at the other table where someone was complaining about having to cancel Tennis for the next day as his friend was not going to make it.  Nick decided to turn around and tell the guy keep the booking as he was going to play instead.  This is how the idea was born and these two are now friends and play Tennis when they can.  He also talks about the advantage of living in a smaller city giving the enviable gift of extra free time. is now in the Private Beta testing phase and looking for more users to help test the platform, so sign up today.

The original article in Trend Magazine can be found HERE

One thought on “TREND magazine interview

  1. […] nick stein, einer der beiden gründer von oneplayerdown, ist nicht nur einer meiner tennispartner sonder auch […]

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