Fitness Friday

As has often been a topic by Friday Fitness, again the post will be about what affect sports can have on your mental health.

We talked about it before in a Friday Fitness but that was just on a general basis.  This post is about team sports and how they can influence your mental state.

If you are like either of us, once you start to play losing is not the goal but saying that neither is taking the fun away from the opponents or team mates.  Sport is about playing the best you can as a team and being sporting while doing it.  These points can get lost in the heat of the battle and emotions can run high, that is for sure.  One of the founders of One Player Down might be a bit more guilty of this than the other, a little hint, his name begins with N.

The benefits of team sports has been studied a lot but you do not have to go much further than thinking about how it increases your social circle and how shared experiences builds a strong bond between individuals.  It is a well researched topic for children but as this video from Child Mind explains, sports changes in the teenage years from fun to competitive and leaves people that were enjoying it completely out.

We hope to make sure that everyone gets back to enjoying sports and is able to forge new friendships through shared experiences.  However, if you are more of a viewer than a player, you can use One Player Down too, to organize that better, just title the event TV: Football at the pub and either send the link to your friends if it is private, or leave it open if you are trying to find interesting people.

As always just email us for an invitation or register on the landing page

One last point, for all our German speaking readers we were featured on the blog rolfgeneratedcontent today  Vorgestellt: One Player Down – Social Network für sportbegeisterte he writes about day to day life in Vienna a great read and also runs a digital agency in Vienna called Fresh Van Root Disclaimer: as you will see, he plays Tennis with Nick and is also a good friend of his.


Joining a sporting community can improve your mental health
Video: What role do sports play in the Mental Health of Children
Vorgestellt: One Player Down – Social Network für sportbegeisterte
Fresh Van Root


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