Fitness Friday – Too busy to play…Really!

So, the often used excuse, other things get in the way and sport becomes less possible to do.

While filing tax returns, looking for pensions, and then just letting of some steam and watching your favorite show are all valid things to do with your time, so are sports and socializing.

There are many ways to sneak a quick bit of fitness into our day, cycle to work, take the stairs or get off a stop early and walk but these are just to help your fitness, and are not social in and of themselves.  These belong to the “sneak in a workout” category and there are many types and they are very good at helping health and stress levels.  We are talking about sports that help you settle into a new area, make new friends and socialize in general.  These help not only your fitness but can help you be happy in even more aspects of your life, so it is more important than you think to make the time.

Here is a scenario that we have all been through before, moved to a city, started a new job, looking to expand your social circle?  These are all things that can be made easier through using sport as a socialization tool.  It can be compared to a first date when you decide to go to a movie to take the pressure off having to find something in common to talk about.  With meeting or integrating with new people though sport, you have already found the common ground, so you have saved some of the precious time you didn’t think you had.

Talking about time, this takes us back to the One Player Down platform, wow look at how effortless that was!  We are doing our best to take care of the more boring side of sport and socializing for you, so you can spend that time, you know the stuff say you don’t have, actually playing.

So what are you waiting for it is time to Get in the Game and register at to help us create the best and only Sports Socializing Network for you.

Here are a few people that even find time for some Sports and Socializing at the same time: Jogging and taking care of business


Let’s Move Campaign
Fitness Magazine


Fitness Friday – Olympic training regimes

What does it take to be an Olympian?

Is it genetics, hard work, diet, or a mixture of all three?

It seems that it is a mixture of all three and maybe a sprinkling of luck (sorry to say that to all the hard working Olympians out there but, getting discovered, having the right coaches at the right time etc has a bit to do with luck but that is really a small percentage).

The One Player Down founders grew up in different countries and were exposed to different sports.  Nick was in the US and was immediately exposed to sport at a very young age and saw how it is treated like a job extremely quickly.  For instance, 6 year olds swimming 2 hours a day.  Matthias was exposed to more recreational sports, where it was about family activity and fun, hiking, skiing, football etc.

Does this affect the long term enjoyment, both say no and both are about as competitive as each other, though Nick might be a little louder.

Do these fundamental different attitudes change the success of the people towards sport?  Maybe, but not at the Winter Olympics.  As it stands Austria has 10 medals and the US 25, when you take in the population difference, Austria is miles ahead.

Saying that to become an Olympian it takes a dedication that separated the athletic from the athletes.

Here are a couple of example training regimes from Olympians:

Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton

Kristin Armstrong, Cyclist

Shawn Johnson, Gymnast

Once you feel that you can keep up with a training schedule like these then you might be ready for the 10 Steps to Become an Olympic Athlete

The most difficult part of training for an elite sport where it is just you against the clock is, the hours of training alone.  There is a great psychological strain put on an athlete to just compete against themselves, a clock and their own limitations/technique.

As it is well known, the Jamaican sprinters train together.   “John Donne said that, “No man is an Island” and socialization is a basic human need that having a training partner (or partners) would satisfy.”   “Training partners are not only useful for satisfying social needs, they can be vital in helping motivate you to train!” Catherine Robertson, writer from The Sport In Mind, says in Psychological effects of Training Partners a great article about what a training partner can bring you.

This is where even with individually focused sports, One Player Down can help an athlete gain advantages by finding a like minded training partner to help them strive and improve.   We are after all The Sports Socializing Network.


What It Takes to Be an Olympic Athlete – Fitness magazine
10 Steps to Become an Olympic Athlete

Psychological effects of Training Partners – The Sport In Mind


Fitness Friday – The Crazy Sports

We are currently being entertained by athletes at the top of their game at the Sochi (Spring) Olympics, but what about those crazy sports that you have only seen YouTube clips of, this does not mean that these people are not at the top of their game too.

For a short list next time you want to try something new out, don’t go traditional…go crazy:

So far we are not out of the “C’s” yet and it is 100% not your normal sporting day.

This is a list that could go on for days but we tried to get a nice rounded overview of what different sports are being played around the world.  Who knows, if you post an event on One Player Down to test out one of these sports (it would have to be under Miscellaneous as icons for these sports are hard to design), you might get a few people trying it out.  Be careful though, some look a little more fun than others.

These are not your normal sports, people do train for them too and hopefully in the future, we can get some Fitness Friday tips from the top athletes of Crazy Sports for you.


Sporting Week in Vienna

Here is a quick update overview about what is going on in the sporting world in Vienna/Austria

After the big football derby game today between Rapid Wien and Austria Wien, which ended 3-1 to Rapid, both teams are going to be in action again

  • FK Austria will be playing SC Wiener Neustadt 15.02 Kick off at 19:00
  • SK Rapid Wien will be playing Admira Wacker 16.02 Kick off at 17:00

Then there is always the Sochi 2014 games where a number of Austrians are taking part, you can follow all the action on either ORF or Laola1

The Austrian Ice Hockey team are in Group B and this week will be playing three games, facing off against:

  • Finland 13.02 Face off at 09:00
  • Canada 14.02 Face off at 18:00
  • Norway 16.02 Face off at 09:00

Sticking with the Ice theme remember that we are now in peak outdoor ice skating time in the city with the Eistraum in Rathausplatz, Eislaufverein, and Engelmann

While all this is going on, individuals throughout Austria keep training for the Vienna City Marathon which is a little over 8 weeks away on the 13th April.

If you want to send us updates about your sports please email


Mission Monday

We have been increasing in user numbers very rapidly and are seeing more events taking foothold on a weekly basis, which is all great but we are most certainly “more is better” industry.

We do not say this for ego’s sake but as it is proven that more sports and more contact with people is a great thing for everyone.

Our goal is to increase integration and social interaction through sport; playing or watching.

Sport helps to build communities through social inclusion and a sense of connection

According to a study done by the Government of Western Australia
“Social capital” is what is mentioned in the study, which means (after a quick Google search)

the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively

We at One Player Down are proud to be giving people the opportunity to enjoy sports more easily and to socialize with people from any walk of life.

Generally, places with high levels of social capital are safer, better governed and more prosperous, compared to places with low levels of social capital 

To read more about Building stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities: click HERE

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Friday Fitness – Olympic Special

Today the Winter Olympics in Sochi starts and controversy has been building, overshadowing what is one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

Google have taken a stand with their Google doodle which is using the rainbow colors that are synonymous with the rainbow flag, Google have also included a quote from the Olympic Charter as well.

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.”  Very similar to our philosophy at One Player Down.

Google Doodle

There have been a few other campaigns around as well, some comical, some more serious.  But the main focus is that sports is not about our differences, it is about what we have in common.  It must be difficult for the athletes at the moment, they have put in so much work and there is a cloud hanging over the event.  However as the Olympics is not supposed to have a political agenda, though history might counter this, it is time to support the athletes.

The Winter Olympics is thought of in certain circles as the poor mans version of the Summer Olympics, but there is a greater purity to it as the majority of the sports are individual, save Ice Hockey, Bobsled, Curling and a few other.  At this level of competition though, the statement “It’s an individual sport but a team effort” is never more true.  Though there might be one famous face the Bode Miller, the Marcel Hirscher etc but there is a whole team behind them that helps them train and achieve this level of performance.

Here is a Medal Prediction from Sports Illustrated for every event that will take place over the next few weeks.

We hope for an eventful Olympics for the sporting events and an uneventful one outside of the sporting events.

To keep up with the Olympics check out these websites:

Sochi 2014
ORF Live Stream
YouTube Olympic Channel
NBC Olympics
BBC Olympic Coverage

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