Fusiön 2014

Fusiön 2014 Indonesian - Austrian cultural event

Fusiön 2014






This Friday 30th May PPI Austria (The Austrian Indonesian Society) is putting on a cultural and sporting event in Vienna called Fusiön 2014.  It promises to be a fantastic two days of new people getting to know each other and the Indonesian culture.

In the words of the organizers “Fusiön 2014  is a networking event between European-based Indonesian students and their colleagues. This event consist of sports tournament, which includes mini-soccer, table-tennis and badminton, and a cultural night. This event is organised by PPI-Austria (Indonesian students and youth association in Austria), and will be held in Vienna on 30-31 May 2014.”

One Player Down as the Sports Socializing Network is happy to be working with Fusiön 2014 supporting them by hosting their sporting events on the One Player Down website.  The principles behind the Fusiön 2014 cultural event are core to what we believe at One Player Down, sport is a great way to integrate, the language on the sports field is sweat, hard work and enjoyment, no need for Google translate for that.

The events will be held at the Sportcenter Donau City, Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220 Vienna on Friday starting at 10am and on Saturday at 9am.

Football Fusiön Friday
Badminton Fusiön FridayTable Tennis Fusiön Friday

Football Fusiön Saturday
Badminton Fusiön Saturday
Table Tennis Fusiön Saturday

To view these events you need to be a registered user of One Player Down, to find out all about the Fusiön 2014 Fun and Sport Indonesian – Österreich Networking Festival click HERE or follow them on Twitter @Fusioen2014

Fusiön 2014 event map from One Player Down

Event Map from One Player Down


One Player Down partners of the Fusiön 2014 event

Fusiön 2014 and partners Including One Player Down

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