The real Vienna Derby

Football in Vienna/Austria is a bit of a mystery currently. Once upon a time Austria was a footballing nation that had talented players playing for some of the top teams around the world. At the moment, only David Alaba of Bayern München fills this description and is a great footballer.

The Wiener Kickabouts (who host a weekly game on OPD) decided to take a little group trip to see the Echter Wiener Derby between two lower league teams Wiener Sportklub and First Vienna FC.

It was a fantastic experience, even if the quality of football on display was not of the highest standard, it was a great introduction to the Viennese culture.

The game was action packed with 2 penalties and a 5-3 for First Vienna FC to the disappointment of the home fans. The game was described as “Trefferreich und schmerzhaft” translating to goal rich and painful.

What was fantastic to see was that with the visit of the right wing Dutch Politician Geert Wilders to the Austrian capital, both sets of fans decided to use the public forum to protest and show support for homosexual partnerships, with a combination of banners and then even a halftime Rainbow flag made out of balloons at both ends. In fact a member of the Wiener Kickabouts was so impressed with the amount of the banners being produced by the away fans, it was joked that they must have a arts and crafts section of the fan club.

This is locally known as the Derby of Love and that was shown from the first minute onwards. Before the game kicked off, there was a moment to remember a Wiener SK fan who recently passed away called Erwin, again First Vienna FC had a banner saying he would always be remembered.

It was a real eye opener to go to a game that was just filled with respect throught the stadium, really inspiring.

It is official, the Wiener Kickabouts are now officially a small Wiener SK fan club and all it took was one game.

If you are going to viist the city to watch a game then make your way out the the 17th district, pay €12 and enjoy an atmosphere that you will talk about for years to come. To feel like an insider, remember when Wiener SK have a corner, Free kick, or a penalty you have to pull your keys out and jangle them to help support the team.

Late round up of the sporting month of February

February did not disappoint

A month in sports

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NBA All-star game, Cricket World Cup, Copa Libitadores, Red Bull Air challenge, Tokyo Marathon

American Football:

So though we talked about it last month, and it seems a long time ago now, february was Super Bowl month and also Pro Bowl as well. Surely you have seen the Super Bowl or read the 1 trillion write ups that are either sport focused or halftime show focused.

But maybe one image can sum up both

Left shark meme

The sensation of the Half-Time show

If you missed what “Left Shark” is all about it is worth checking out on YouTube, talking about YouTube, here are the highlights from the Pro Bowl that were promised

The Pro Bowl is the All-Star game for American Football. In the other sports, the All-Star game is a mid season spectacular but as the NFL season is so short and brutal, the Pro Bowl is at the end of the season and doesn’t seem to get the same love that the other All-Star games get.


African Cup of Nations

After promising to dominate African Football for many years the Ivory Coast finally won on a thrilling penalty shootout, here you can see Didier Drogba’s reaction

We all know if that had been an Arsenal player celebrating, he would have injured himself and been out for the season.

Copa Libitadores

The Copa kicked off in February and is billed as the South American Champions League. It is a who’s who of the up and coming South American stars of the future. Who will be the stand out this season…

Winter World Cup

A final point in the Football/Soccer section is about the potential of a Winter World Cup
FIFA Secretary General Valcke on the concept of a winter World Cup:

“I think we should just accept it…why should we apologise for the decision made yesterday.”

Winter Sports

World ski championships

Vail and Beaver Creek in Colorado hosted the World ski championships this year and Team Austria were on top form.

World Ski championship 2015 medal table

World Ski championship 2015 medal table

Skiers Cup

Then there was, what can only be described as the “Ryder Cup of skiing, the Skiers Cup. This the Europeans won, beating the Americans winning 16-20
Here are some of the highlighs

It looked epic

Cricket World Cup

The world cup is still going and we have reached the knockout stages of the tournament. There have been a lot of amazing games and catches

To keep up with it all visit the Cricket World Cup website

NBA All-Star game

Let’s let the game do the talking here

The other highlight are the Dunk Contest (we still think that they should get the best dunkers from YouTube videos and put them against the NBA dunkers…but that might just be us), and the Celebrity All-Star game

OPD Highlights

We have a new member of the team Jakub, who is working his ass off and already bringing a huge amount of value to the team a bigger, better update about him will be coming very soon.

We have also added Ultimate Frisbee to the list of sports, do remember that if your sport is not listed, you can use the Miscellaneous sport and just title the Event so everyone knows which sport it is.

There are going to be a lot of changes and improvements to the platform, some that are going to be obvious and some not but all will benefit the OPD players.

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