Sports App of the week – Fancred

Sports app review

During the time working on One Player Down, we have come across various sports apps, website and even print magazines that we feel it would be a shame to keep to ourselves.

Therefore we will do our best to do a review a week to maybe give you a new app to try or to have a fresh outlook on one you already do use.

We would love for this to be a 2 way street though, so if there is something that you want us to look at please just contact us and we will have a look at it.

So here is Fancred

Fancred logo

In there own words:

Fancred is an app that helps fans capture their favorite sports moments

What is it about?

This is all about finding like-minded fans. It basically helps you fine fans of your favorite sports teams to shoot the shit with. Enjoying the good times and bad times with fans worldwide.
You can post photos, videos, gifs, and clips of your teams and or the shenanigans that you get up to all in the name of being a fan.

Where is it from?

They are based out of Boston and anyone who knows that city understands how sports crazy they are there so it is a good fit.

What does it look like?

Fancred Homepage Fancread team search Fancred Mets hompageFancred Arsenal screenshot

Is it worth it?

We would put this in the unbundling category of Facebook as you have many familiar features of Facebook but it is about widening your fellow fan connection base.

After just a few interactions you start to easily build a following, as is always the case with sports, friends are easily made but so are rivalries, so expect a few troll (not that we have encountered any yet.

We are sure that they face a very famous issue when pitching this or acquiring new users…“Why would I use this over Facebook?”
Sports is a different animal and deserves to be dealt with as such. Absolute strangers can hug each other in a full stadium just because their team won and there is no weird moment after, that is something that would not happen when walking down the street, or for two people enjoying a Picasso at the Renia Sofia museum

Where can I get it?

They have an Android and iPhone app which you can get on the app stores or on the Fancred hompage

Good luck to the Fancred team as we see this as being a great fun app

This is going to be what we would like to call a Live Review, meaning that we will revisit it, updating it and getting more in depth the more we use it.

If you want to find more people to play sports with just sign up to One Player Down and just Get in the Game

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2 thoughts on “Sports App of the week – Fancred

  1. […] are sure that this will do well but it is a very packed area as our review of Fancred […]

  2. […] are sure that this will do well but it is a very packed area as our review of Fancred […]

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