Sports App of the week – Sportlobster

Sports app review

During the time working on One Player Down, we have come across various sports apps, website and even print magazines that we feel it would be a shame to keep to ourselves.

Therefore we will do our best to do a review a week to maybe give you a new app to try or to have a fresh outlook on one you already do use.

We would love for this to be a 2 way street though, so if there is something that you want us to look at please just contact us and we will.

So here is Sportslobster


SportsLobster is a Sports Social Network, not to be confused with One Player Down which is a Sports Socializing Network, this means that there are all about interacting with fans across the world who support the same sports team, follow the same tennis player etc.

In their own words

Sportlobster was born out of the frustration that sports fans face in having to visit multiple sites or download multiple apps to get their sporting fix.

What is it about?

This is all about being a fan and finding out more about other fans and your team

  • Team News updates
  • Rumours
  • Getting followers

However, their main feature is the preditions and betting. This is where they drive their interaction and one might say spammy notifications. They notify you when a league you are following has a game and asks for a preditiction. They incentivise this with givaways etc, last week was and Apple watch, and this week is a Premier League shirt

Where is it from?

These guys are based out of London and judging by their CrunchBase page are not doing too badly. Passive sport is big business (we know that is a bit of a snyde comment coming from us but it is the truth). Something that we know about as there are a lot of sports betting companies in Vienna.

What does it look like?


Is it worth it?

This is will be up many people’s street but just is not one for us. Don’t get us wrong we talk sports all day long Jordan vs LeBron; Messi vs (not Ronaldo) Maradona and so on, but this was just not ours. The main issue was that it is a very “needy” app, always a notification and it seemed artificial, more about driving traffic and time on the app numbers than actual value. As a result, this app will not be staying on our phones.

We are sure that this will do well but it is a very packed area as our review of Fancred shows.

Where can I get it?

You can use the platform on their website, or download their Android or iPhone app.

As always, this is going to be what we would like to call a Live Review, meaning that we will revisit it, updating it and getting more in depth the more we use it.

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