European Week of Sports


Before we start this blog, we know that we are a little behind, this is all a plan that will be revealed later

Gone sports crazy

Not only is the baseball post season upon us (one of us is a Mets fan and very happy), the european football seasons are in full swing, Basketball is warming up, gridiron is back in business and the rugby world cup is wowing crowds. Lots to sit in front of the TV for it seems, and the weather is looking like hibernating is a viable option.

Europe wants to make you sweat

tag des sports
Though might be time to grab the remote and take your TV for a spin, that is not what the EU thinks. A few weeks ago was the first European Week of Sports, where a lot of famous athletes were promoting people to move #BeActive.
If you want to know more about it all, there is a Sports facts
In Vienna there were also a couple of event sandwiching this one, the Vienna Sports Festival and the Tag des Sport. The former was something new to the OPD team as they had never been there before, the latter, well, you can read about it here in our Tag des Sport blog.
We are not trying to be lazy here but it was a very similar event and felt like deja vu all over again (RIP Yogi Beara).

Europe is not alone here

Be Active is actually an initiative that is backed by Michelle Obama. Here is a quote from the website:

Everyone can benefit from being active – from improving sleep to preventing chronic disease, like heart disease or cancer.

Getting people moving is a worldwide problem. 80% of our lives are spend indoors, that is as depressing a statistic as there can be.

Follow that up with this article from the daily telegraph about losing weight getting harder and harder

Everyone is getting in on the act

Governments are not the only ones getting in on the act, so are charities. In fact, a few health charities are noticing that it might be better to prevent illnesses through promoting healthy life styles than treat the illnesses after they have reared their ugly heads.

Movember is one such case as they now have an initiative called the MOVE Challenge

The One Player Down team is up for the month of activity of challenge, are you?

Still waiting for the big reveal? Well you will have to wait a little longer, sorry.
While you are waiting, here is an infographic from showing the other benefits of what exercise can do for you.

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