Atmosphere and sports

Where to watch the European Championship

Sport is all about atmosphere

This is no different when watching sports.
With Austria in it and in a group that leaves the knockout stages a real possibility, it is time to soak up some of that atmosphere with some fellow fans.

Austria top of group F

The table looks beautiful with Austria sitting in first place, you have to love the Alphabet

Rathaus – Fan Arena

This is going to be the place to be for the Austria games.
What better backdrop to get behind the Austrian team.
Austria vs Hungary
Austria vs Portugal
Austria vs Iceland

Herrmann Strandbar

This is for the more casual fan. Watching football in deckchairs with your feet in the sand is an experience, especially in a land locked country.
Probably better to watch one of the lesser games here as it will be packed for the local games.
We suggest:
Belgium vs Italy

Any international Pub

This is where the atmosphere will be for the English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Republic of Ireland games.
Our picks:
England vs Wales
Northern Ireland vs Poland
Republic of Ireland vs Belgium

At Home

This is might be the best location to watch the games that might get you a little emotional.

These are just a few of the places where you might find some of the OPD team watching a game or 20.

Looking forward to a great tournament.