Confessions of a Startup – The move forward

Anyone who has started their own venture knows there are many false dawns, things are done wrong, promises are made & broken, but everything/day is a learning process.

It would be safe to say that eventhough there is still a mountain 10 times the size of Everest to climb, professionally this has been the most intense learning experience that one could hope for. It is said time and again at startup events that

Failing, is failing to start…

That is as true a statement you will ever hear in your professional career.

Startups as most things in live can be looked at as a puzzle where you are charged with finding all the pieces that fit. Confidently we can say that we have found another massive piece of the OPD puzzle and it was Jakub Strama shaped. The breath of fresh air that he has brought to the team has been fantastic!

To be honest, though there were a lot of things going on behind the scene, One Player Down was in somewhat of a holding pattern as the adjustments to the “other” founder roles (fatherhood) that both Matthias and Nick were experiencing were beginning to take their toll. Now with Jakub, fresh perspectives and more hands on deck we are all able to consentrate on what we do best or can learn quickest.

This means there will be more updates, changes etc to the platform soon. Of course we are working though the fantastic amount of feedback we have gotten with a priority list but we are always up for more feedback. Just send the feedback/feature requests to and we will work it into future releases.

Young entrepenure motivational tip: Read the book Rosie Revere, Engineer for inspiration to keep dreaming, this book is all about how to keep dreaming and trying as success is just around the corner.

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Get in the Game

Get in the Game

What a January

The month in sports

It seems that the pro athletes around the world take getting rid of the Christmas fat seriously, just think about all the major tournaments that have been happening worldwide this January or are coming up in February?

Australian Open
African Cup of Nations
Asian Cup
NFL Playoffs
Dakar Rally – one of these days…
Handball world championship – a strangely brutal game for those of you not familiar
The X-Games – an OPD favorite.

This is just the big specials, of course lots of leagues are active. Surely the Premier League will create a winter break sometime in the future, maybe not over Christmas but a January or February break wouldn’t hurt.

Australian Open highlights

As always there have been some shocks and unfortunately also some big controversy, with the sexist comments from one of the commentators. It is a real shame that we are still having to fight these problems but at times, sports is the last bastion of the neanderthal, unfortunately.

Quick update:
Serena Williams won a fantastic contest against Maria Sharapova
Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray as he collapsed in the final, there has also been claims from Murray that Djokovic feigned an injury during the final that gained him an advantage.

African Cup of Nations highlights

After changing the location of the tournament at the last minute, it all seems to be going very well, a real relief after the Togo team bus attack a few tournaments ago, Zambia are the defending champions just so everyone is up to date, though it does not look like they will be defending their title as they sit at the bottom of their group.
As it stands now the woman’s final will be Serena Williams against Maria Sharapova, while the Andy Murray is waiting to find out who he will be taking on.

Asian Cup highlights

A few goals There is one highlight that we will focus on, not to take away from the tournament but this deserves that extra bit of focus, step forward Tim Cahill, you maybe wrapping up your career in the near future but DAMN! you are intent on going out in style. Just a friendly piece of advice though… practice that knee slide a few more times.

NFL Playoffs highlights

The NFL Playoffs are only about one thing

Dakar Rally

It looks from the highlights that this might not be a Dakar Rally that the navigators can be proud of as the latest highlights will show you that there was a slight detour to Argentina Though we know that this was planned, it just seems like it could have been funnier if it was the first Dakar Rally that was done with Sat Navs only.

World Handball Championships

As we said earlier a strangely brutal game that is tougher than it sounds. Though the thought of seeing a major league pitcher playing would be interesting. The highlights can be found on the BeIn sports website

X-Games highlights

Do you really want us explaining what happened here or do you want to watch the official Look Back? Just as we thought, here it is: Speed skating is also in full flow, a round of applause to the size of the thighs. Good luck fitting into skinny jeans with those, just google Speed skater thighs if you dare.

Coming soon



We have talked about #deflategate but as anyone that is just an American Football fan for one game, sorry NFL, there are lots of them out there. The big issue is the halftime show and who will win the advert war. There are a few bits of information that have leaked out but we shall see what it all brings on the night.
The Patriots won a very interesting game, for more on this, we will have a full write up at the end of the months

NBA All-Star weekend

This is taking place in New York the home of basketball, oh wait, it is the home of the Knicks so it cannot be the home of basketball, that is cold! Maybe next season the Knicks should take a try at Handball, it might work out better. Quick sidebar, anyone that is a NY sports fan especially of the blue and orange persuasion, understand the phrase “the worst team money can buy” and the Knicks are living upto that. Back to the All-star weekend quickly. We just pitched it to @TheWhistle that maybe a way to spice the Dunk Competition up would be to bring in some amateurs to throw down a few against the pros,

just look at @teamflightbros to see what type of talent there is out there. It would be a great way to get the fans involved a bit more.

Streetlife Festival Vienna

On the 13-14 September the First Streetlife Festival 2014 will be going on in Vienna.  During ths event many different types of events will be taking place from Cage Football to Slacklining.


The Streetlife Festival will be celebrating street culture in Vienna so it will not just be hosting sporting events.  Urban gardening, Street artists, dancing etc will being exhibited.

A full list of the events can be found at but the highlights are certain to be:

This is an event not to miss and hopefully the weather allows for a great new event to find it’s feet in Vienna to help bring more new people together in the city.


A little further afield, Manchester to be precise, and on the 6th-7th September is the Soccerex Football Festival, a chance to see Gianfranco Zola, Fabio Cannavaro, Jari Litmanen, and many more up close.


In the next few months there will be some special events going on in Vienna, to keep up to date with them all please follow One Player Down on:

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We Love Vienna but…

That is a bit of a bad title for people trying to start something in Vienna but this is a post that needs to be written.

Pick-up games live and die on the availability of cheap – read free- facilities –  that are available to the masses.  Basketball in Vienna is great as there are a lot of places in and around the city, Beach volleyball too, skating has a lot of places as well.  Then we come to “the beautiful game”, the one that every bar in the city made sure that every patron was able to see a TV for fear of losing customers, Football, Soccer, Fußball, fotbol whatever you call it.  This is not really catered to in the city at all.  Yes there is cage football available but that is not as in demand as playing on grass, jumpers for goal posts and joy of playing on grass.

Prater or Donauinsel are built for picnics, to play football there is to risk serious injury.

In London from the moment work, school or university finishes on a weekday in the summer, the parks are filled with people of various skill levels playing.  By the end of the summer the ground though hard as a rock and as bald as Bruce Willis after a hair cut it is still flat.  That is the thing that separates these parks from Prater or Donauinsel; flat, level, even surfaces. There are no sinkholes, craters etc where the ball or even a smaller player might disappear down.

Then, in a random conversation, this complaint was turned on its head as the most pristine and fantastic secret of Vienna was unveiled.  The emerald paradise that is DonauPark:

DonauPark where Monday night football can live on

DonauPark the Emerald Paradise

The Vienese home of Football

DonauTurm in DonauPark









It is time that this park was used for the good of Football, it is really the un appreciated gem of Vienna and hopefully the saviour of Monday night football.

If you are interested in Monday night football or more games organized in DonauPark just register at One Player Down to find out more or to create your own.

One Player Down - The Sports Socializing Network

One Player Down – The Sports Socializing Network

What is a Sports Socializing Network?

One of the questions we get asked most often is what is a Sports Socializing Network exactly, and how does it differ from a Social Network, Sports Network or a Sports Social Network.  Though there are similarities and overlaps, there are big differences between the latter three and a Sports Socializing Network.

First let me define what the other three are.

First up is the Social Network:

better known as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat … This is where you keep up with your friends and what they are doing in general, having kids, going out to bars, starting new hobbies, playing sports, supporting teams, liking new companies…the list is endless.  This is 90% of the time a passive activity but great for keeping up with the goings on of friends all over the globe.

Second up is a Sports Network:

ESPN is a Sports Network, they offer the chance to watch and find out about major sports happening around the world.  Sky Sports falls into this category as it offers the same but just with a different accent.  In general this is a passive activity.

Last up is a Sports Social Network:

sportslosbster, PlayUp and even things like Teamtalk could fall into this range.  Though these are great, and used by the One Player Down Team, they tend to focus on behind a Computer users, not the people that participate in sports,  you guys!  So once again it is a passive activity, showing the support for a team and discussing with like minded fans about a sport/team you love.  It is a somewhat hybrid of the Social Network and the Sports Network.

Now we come to the Sports Socializing Network…There is only one in the world and you guessed it, you are reading the blog of the one and only Sports Socializing Network there is – One Player Down.  We are not about the passive keyboard warriors or the fans of the sport, we are about the movers and shakers, the ones that want to Get in the Game.  We are a “sweating is not optional” platform, helping you to meet new people, stay active and organize games/teams/leagues with the minimum amount of effort.

Being a fan is great fun but being a player…that is just better.

Skill level is not an issue, playing is the name of the game.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in the Game





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TREND magazine interview

TREND magazine interview

Here is an interview (in German) with Nick about the story behind the One Player Down idea.  The gist of the article is about how Nick moved to Vienna for one great reason, his future wife and then also as that he felt that Vienna was better able to weather the on coming financial storm.  Having moved here he faced the normal challenges of the language and finding friends but the biggest problem was finding people to play sports with, especially Austrians.  While at a bar with a friend he overheard the conversation at the other table where someone was complaining about having to cancel Tennis for the next day as his friend was not going to make it.  Nick decided to turn around and tell the guy keep the booking as he was going to play instead.  This is how the idea was born and these two are now friends and play Tennis when they can.  He also talks about the advantage of living in a smaller city giving the enviable gift of extra free time. is now in the Private Beta testing phase and looking for more users to help test the platform, so sign up today.

The original article in Trend Magazine can be found HERE

Friday Fitness 2014

Happy New Year from the whole OPD team.

Sleep…The most underrated part of a fitness regime and one of the harder parts to regulate as well.  Sometimes your subconscious is nice enough to take the decision, without considering your vote, to deprive you of the right amount; to keep you awake and motivated enough to workout.

We have all been there, the coffee is just not strong enough to compensate for your brain not shutting down the night before, the book was too good to put down, or you were just on one of those rolls that everything you were saying was so funny that it would have been a crime to leave the party early.  The next day the workout, kick about, shoot around etc just does not seem top priority and might even be a step to far.  When that happens, there are a couple of things to do:

  • Stretch to get the blood flowing; it can motivate you enough or just get you ready for the next day,
  • Take a few minutes to remember how good you felt after the last exercise that you did and let that motivate you,
  • Push through it and play any way – make sure you take it a little easy and don’t go 100%, sometimes your body knows better and a light workout is all you should do, or
  • HIIT, High Impact Interval Training, this is something that needs to be carefully approached but can be just the right thing for “One of those days”

Stress, bad diet, and lack of physical activity are all things that can disturb sleeping patterns and it doesn’t take a lot of exercise per day to help you sleep better.

2014 update:  During the year we will try to bring you some guest posts to offer a bigger mix of topics to help you stay fit and healthy.

Want to Get in the Game on One Player Down?  Sign up here for a Private Beta account.

The exercise high – better than medication?

We have all felt that calm relaxed feeling after exercise, the high if you wish, making you promise yourself that tomorrow you will make sure you go back to the gym.  It is not always that easy to remember the feeling the next day though.

However, the British Medical Journal might have another motivator after recently published a study with the catchy objective “To determine the comparative effectiveness of exercise versus drug interventions on mortality outcomes“.  In plain English, as the New York Times puts it “Exercise can be as effective as many frequently prescribed drugs in treating some of the leading causes of death, according to a new report“.

Though it might not be news that exercise can be a good for you and enable you to enjoy your life it is new that it might prolong your life better than prescription drugs.

Actually, the New York Times Phys Ed Blog is a great read and for our German speaking readers the Runtastic blog is great