What is new in the world of OPD

Here we are with another update to the platform.

We are proud to announce two major updates that will make your sporting life even easier to organize when using One Player Down

  1. Notifications:  This feature is something we are very excited about: When you create an event, this box is automatically checked. This is NOT the case if you are just attending an event, though it is recommended that you check it.  What notifications do, is keep you up to date with who has typed a message or who has clicked they are attending.  What they also do is send you an email if something has been changed, like the time, date, or location of the event.  This makes sure that you know when, where and how many people will be attending.
  2. Reminders: If you create an event or click to attend an event this box is automatically checked.  The main benefit of this is that you will receive an email reminder 24 hours before the event, making sure you do not forget and are ready to play.
Event view with Reminders and Notifications

Reminders and Notifications

These new updates will allow us to create many different types of notifications and reminders in the future.  All we need is your feedback as to what you want and need.

Remember this is YOUR platform and we are here to make it the best thing possible for you to find new people to play sports with or to manage your teams.

One favor we ask, is that you start telling your friends about it and inviting them to follow us on our social media platforms and to sign up to Get in the Game

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