The day that was…the Tag des Sport

Saturday saw Vienna host another successful Tag des Sport.

Tag de Sport



With the weather also “playing ball”, it was a great event, allowing thousands of people to test out sports that they might have only seen on TV, or heard about. It also gave unknown (at least to One Player Down) sports find new fans by showing how fun and easy they are to access.

The typical sports were attracting the most people, but it was sports such as Bassalo, Faustball,  Mini Squash and Prellball that caught our eye.

Bassalo is a very simple game that involves throwing a ball using a cup across a net to the other player, the scoring was not clear but the guess is the one who drops it loses.  It was not just the simplicity of the concept, it was the diversity of ages that tried them that we loved seeing.

Faustball, not so unknown here it seems but not exactly up there with football in its popularity was demonstrated by people trying to punch a ball through a hole.  From a look through YouTube, it looks like a similar game to volleyball but the ball is allowed to bounce on the ground

Mini Squash is really self explanatary, squash but mini.  Here it was plazed with a foam ball, closer to a tennis ball in size and with bigger raquets.

Prellball, is again similar to Volleyball in set up and thus very similar to Faustball, as the ball is allowed to bounce but it is played on a court the size of an indoor volleyball court.

All very interesting and there were a lot more sports on show as well.

Looking forward to next year where hopefully One Player Down will have a booth and you will get to meet the whole team.

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New sporting trend

After the marathon a couple of weeks ago. We have been sent more and more information through One PlayerDown users about other running events around the world.

There are some big differences with these events though as they are not your traditional long distance events i.e. one person against the clock and their mental strength to push past the notorious “wall”. These are much more social events.

They kick off this weekend with the Redbull Wings for Life world run
This event is unique as it is a coordinates run across the world, starting at the same time. There will be a car following the runners and as soon as you are overtaken by the car, your race is over.
There are already a few players from One Player Down attending this

Then comes the zombie run tour. As you might have guessed, there are a bunch of runners that are infected zombies and a bunch that are not infected…yet. The idea is that the runners not infected reach the finish line before the zombies infect them. More or less a massive game of tag for adults. This is a little bit in the vein of the revival of kickball and dodgeball.

Then there is a 5k run in New York, ending with a massive party. It is the Kaskade spark run

A great part of sport is getting fit but socializing makes it more fun and helps mental fitness as well.

Whatever sport you choose, enjoy it!

Are there any races that we should add? Suggest them on our Facebook page


A marathon: two points of view

The Vienna and London Marathons were this Weekend.  Both ending with new course records Getu Feleke in Vienna with a time of 2:05.41 and Wilson Kipsang in London with a time of 2:04.27, so congratulations to both.

These two are seasoned professionals so though the times are hugely impressive, it is One Player Down’s Matthias who’s time at 3:28.22 is one helluva achievement, one to be truly proud of.  The update is that walking and stairs are two big enemies of his today.  We wish him a speedy recovery!

As we know, you can either be a spectator or participant in a Marathon and here are two write ups from both points of view.

Here is the summary of one of our “Players” here at One Player Down:

“Thanks so much for your support everyone! 🙂 This race had it all. Just to give you a quick breakdown:

3k – Oh no, this will not go well

7k – I can’t believe it’s only 35k to go, piece of cake

12k – This 60+ year old gentleman in the Poland-shirt seems to know what he is doing. Let’s stick with him

21k Half time, it’s going well. Time to start the playlist with “A lovely day”

23k Music fuelled runner’s high. I am invincible. Leave my Polish friend behind and reach for the stars (in hindsight, a very bad idea)

25k It starts to rain

29k Change of strategy. Get out of this alive rather than break the world record

33k My old friend “leg pain” decides to join me. He promises not to leave my side until we reach to finish line. That’s great

38k Endlessly calculating the remaining distance until you end up with the answer that this thing is basically over in 45 seconds or so

40k Familiar faces cheer me up, nice one thx 🙂 Last bit – Activate tunnel vision mode

now – I can feel my legs again! Sort of. Yay!”

The spectators view of the Marathon:

Alarm went off, I looked at it and quickly decided that snooze was the best option.

This was repeated a number of time as generally one does not want to turn the Alarm fully off the first time in case such a bold movement causes a muscle strain.

Then it was a quick check of the clock. It only started a little over two ours ago, I can catch the final kilometers and the sprint to the end…Whoops!  That Getu Feleke ruined that plan.

Ok plan two, get a coffee, check a few tweets, Profile updates, instagrams and the like, of friends that do not value their Sunday morning lay-ins enough, i.e. are participating.

Ok all of them seem to be raring to go, so now so am I, task one was a bit of a failure but task two – spotting friends in the crowd of runners!  I am all ready for this one.

Ah, toast, maybe a bit of cereals.  Some orange juice, got to keep healthy as there are 42k runners mocking my morning routine at the moment, so chocolate milk and pancakes are a no go.

Wait, every good athlete needs some protein, scrambled eggs it is.

At that moment, it crosses my mind, my friends are not that famous (yet) and are not running in something like a diaper meaning the camera will magically find them.  Maybe I need to put more attention into the race to achieve the second task…

Now I am fully focused, hundreds of people are passing by the screen, I am gonna see someone I know any minute now.  What is that smell…?  NO the eggs are burning.

I hop out of my chair, run as fast as I can to the kitchen, just as I am close to the finish line – getting the eggs off the stove, I pull up with a slight muscle strain.

My decision not to run this year is vindicated as it has multiple times before and I go back to task two.  Wow my friends look similar to a number of people, this task is not going to be easy.

One more check of all social media platforms that I am aware of and…I find out that they are already finished!

Wow, what a morning.  Time to take a shower.

Maybe next year after reading the The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer Nick will be more inclined to take part

Once again congratulations to all who ran the Marathon in Vienna and in London, it is a great achievement and one to be very proud of.

If you had a friend that ran or is planning to run a marathon, it might be a great thing to get them a gift for when they finish, no, not a new set of knees or an Uber ride home, but Unique Gift for a Marathon Race Finisher, no don’t laugh, it might actually be more appreciated than you think.

Remember Next years Marathon is less than a year away, so it might be good to find a training partner sooner rather than later – Get in the Game


Your sporting week with OPD

As most of you know it is Marathon weekend in Vienna, actually Matthias is running it this year.

It is already underway and will finish at…, if Nick was running, it would finished on Tuesday.

That is not the only sporting event in Vienna over the next week.

On One Player Down:
Weekday Softball,
Wiener kickabouts Monday night Football, and
next weekend will be the start of the weekend softball league.

As always, just sign up to Get in the Game at

Other sporting events in Vienna:
Boogie Woogie Einsteiger Seminar 
Shaolin Kung Fu Kurs
Nordic Walking Gruppe

Here are a few more sites to find more Events:
Sport Union
Sport in Wien

Sport to watch over the next two weeks:
BC Zepter – Basketball Club Vienna 2013
First Vienna Football Club 1894
FK Austria Wien

Sport events to book now:
Erste Bank Open 2014
Austrian International Open AIO



Wings for Life World Run

As you may or may not know, Red Bull has created a charity run of different kind.  It is Red Bull, they weren’t ever going to think small were they!

Here is the overview of the event in their own words

35 Locations, 6 Continents and One Start – Running for those who can’t

The run as is coordinated around the world with everyone running at once, all to raise money for the Wings for Life foundation who’s goal is to cure spinal cord injuries.

The Wings For Life World Run is the first event in which the entire World can race together, simultaneously. This groundbreaking race format means that on the 4th of May 2014, at 10am UTC, and equivalent times across the globe, thousands of competitors will start to run on up to 35 race tracks worldwide. On this day the world will run as one.

Here at One Player Down the first time we heard about this event was when one of our Users/Players decided to host an event.  Normally we are not going to blog about individual events but we want to support her to get as many people running with her as possible as this is something we believe in.

All you have to do is login at One Player Down, or Get a Beta Invitation

Wings for Life World Run

To take part in this event login to One Player Down and click that you are in

Fitness Friday – Olympic training regimes

What does it take to be an Olympian?

Is it genetics, hard work, diet, or a mixture of all three?

It seems that it is a mixture of all three and maybe a sprinkling of luck (sorry to say that to all the hard working Olympians out there but, getting discovered, having the right coaches at the right time etc has a bit to do with luck but that is really a small percentage).

The One Player Down founders grew up in different countries and were exposed to different sports.  Nick was in the US and was immediately exposed to sport at a very young age and saw how it is treated like a job extremely quickly.  For instance, 6 year olds swimming 2 hours a day.  Matthias was exposed to more recreational sports, where it was about family activity and fun, hiking, skiing, football etc.

Does this affect the long term enjoyment, both say no and both are about as competitive as each other, though Nick might be a little louder.

Do these fundamental different attitudes change the success of the people towards sport?  Maybe, but not at the Winter Olympics.  As it stands Austria has 10 medals and the US 25, when you take in the population difference, Austria is miles ahead.

Saying that to become an Olympian it takes a dedication that separated the athletic from the athletes.

Here are a couple of example training regimes from Olympians:

Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton

Kristin Armstrong, Cyclist

Shawn Johnson, Gymnast

Once you feel that you can keep up with a training schedule like these then you might be ready for the 10 Steps to Become an Olympic Athlete

The most difficult part of training for an elite sport where it is just you against the clock is, the hours of training alone.  There is a great psychological strain put on an athlete to just compete against themselves, a clock and their own limitations/technique.

As it is well known, the Jamaican sprinters train together.   “John Donne said that, “No man is an Island” and socialization is a basic human need that having a training partner (or partners) would satisfy.”   “Training partners are not only useful for satisfying social needs, they can be vital in helping motivate you to train!” Catherine Robertson, writer from The Sport In Mind, says in Psychological effects of Training Partners a great article about what a training partner can bring you.

This is where even with individually focused sports, One Player Down can help an athlete gain advantages by finding a like minded training partner to help them strive and improve.   We are after all The Sports Socializing Network.


What It Takes to Be an Olympic Athlete – Fitness magazine
10 Steps to Become an Olympic Athlete

Psychological effects of Training Partners – The Sport In Mind


Fitness Friday

As has often been a topic by Friday Fitness, again the post will be about what affect sports can have on your mental health.

We talked about it before in a Friday Fitness but that was just on a general basis.  This post is about team sports and how they can influence your mental state.

If you are like either of us, once you start to play losing is not the goal but saying that neither is taking the fun away from the opponents or team mates.  Sport is about playing the best you can as a team and being sporting while doing it.  These points can get lost in the heat of the battle and emotions can run high, that is for sure.  One of the founders of One Player Down might be a bit more guilty of this than the other, a little hint, his name begins with N.

The benefits of team sports has been studied a lot but you do not have to go much further than thinking about how it increases your social circle and how shared experiences builds a strong bond between individuals.  It is a well researched topic for children but as this video from Child Mind explains, sports changes in the teenage years from fun to competitive and leaves people that were enjoying it completely out.

We hope to make sure that everyone gets back to enjoying sports and is able to forge new friendships through shared experiences.  However, if you are more of a viewer than a player, you can use One Player Down too, to organize that better, just title the event TV: Football at the pub and either send the link to your friends if it is private, or leave it open if you are trying to find interesting people.

As always just email us for an invitation or register on the landing page

One last point, for all our German speaking readers we were featured on the blog rolfgeneratedcontent today  Vorgestellt: One Player Down – Social Network für sportbegeisterte he writes about day to day life in Vienna a great read and also runs a digital agency in Vienna called Fresh Van Root Disclaimer: as you will see, he plays Tennis with Nick and is also a good friend of his.


Joining a sporting community can improve your mental health
Video: What role do sports play in the Mental Health of Children
Vorgestellt: One Player Down – Social Network für sportbegeisterte
Fresh Van Root


Fitness Friday

We are forever fighting to find the balance between working to live and living to work.  How do people find the right amount of time for both without causing extra stress?

What might seem weird is that planning an extra thing into your day, exercise, might actually help you balance both better.

Just think about that feeling of coming out of the gym after doing enough exercise to get the blood flowing.  You have that wave of calm run over you that makes everything a little easier to handle, from deadlines to food shopping.

This article from lifehacker goes further into it.

Naturally, adding another thing to do already creates stress just thinking about it. However, if you can combine the sport with catching up with friends, hanging out with family, or maybe even networking that will help relieve some of the scheduling stress.  The classic 2 for 1 that all busy people love to do.

If you haven’t yet signed up for your account just visit to register.




Fitness Friday (Sunday Edition)


This might sound weird but due to the cold weather people seem to put less stress on drinking water than they do in the summer months.  This is a big mistake, being cooler doesn’t mean you need to hydrate any less then you would normally.

Commonly it is said, that as soon as you are thirsty, you are dehydrated and to operate at your peak levels, you need to be hydrated.

Here are some shocking numbers from Human Kinetics “Exercise performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Losses in excess of 5% of body weight can decrease the capacity for work by about 30%”

The article also stated though High Intensity athletes such as sprinters should be just as concerned about hydration as endurance athletes such as marathon runners, as their performances can be just as affected.

Drinking water is a good start but we can all remember famous tennis players eating a banana when they are on their short breaks and it is the potassium that they are after.  This article from Web MD talks just about the importance of more than just water.

Staying hydrated helps the blood flow and thus keeps your muscles looser and in better shape.  So hydration, just as stretching can make your workout safer and more effective.



Web MD
Human Kinetics
True Lemon

Friday Fitness 2014

Happy New Year from the whole OPD team.

Sleep…The most underrated part of a fitness regime and one of the harder parts to regulate as well.  Sometimes your subconscious is nice enough to take the decision, without considering your vote, to deprive you of the right amount; to keep you awake and motivated enough to workout.

We have all been there, the coffee is just not strong enough to compensate for your brain not shutting down the night before, the book was too good to put down, or you were just on one of those rolls that everything you were saying was so funny that it would have been a crime to leave the party early.  The next day the workout, kick about, shoot around etc just does not seem top priority and might even be a step to far.  When that happens, there are a couple of things to do:

  • Stretch to get the blood flowing; it can motivate you enough or just get you ready for the next day,
  • Take a few minutes to remember how good you felt after the last exercise that you did and let that motivate you,
  • Push through it and play any way – make sure you take it a little easy and don’t go 100%, sometimes your body knows better and a light workout is all you should do, or
  • HIIT, High Impact Interval Training, this is something that needs to be carefully approached but can be just the right thing for “One of those days”

Stress, bad diet, and lack of physical activity are all things that can disturb sleeping patterns and it doesn’t take a lot of exercise per day to help you sleep better.

2014 update:  During the year we will try to bring you some guest posts to offer a bigger mix of topics to help you stay fit and healthy.

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