CEV Continental Cup Baden

One Player Down and Beach volleyball

We are going to be at the CEV Continental Cup Beach Volleyball tournament in Baden from the 10-12th June.

There you will be able to meet us and also see some of the stars of beach volleyball.

What we are bringing

We are not just bringing our beautiful faces we are helping spread the word about one of our great friends TriVolle.

What is TriVolle

Any of you that joined us at the MOVE – Movember launch party last year, will know that this was the opening act of the night. It is a great game, a mix between beach volleyball, four square (not the check-in startup, a school yard game from the US).

As you can see from the video…stop, watch it now.

Now as you can see from the video, this is an amazing game and one that takes 10 mins to get it to it and 5 mins to get addicted. That was not a mistake.

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Why should we do that you are asking, well, we talked with the TriVolle team and negotiated a fantastic deal for you all.

Be the coolest kid this summer and get one of these Trivolle sets for an amazing price, only available through One Player Down.

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Fantasy Football

Premier League fantasy football

Fantasy league OnePlayerDown

The season starts this weekend

The season opener, the Charity Shield is this weekend between Chelsea and Arsenal. Though this game doesn’T count officially, it is always good to start with a win, especially if it is a convincing win.
But while it is the traditional curtain opener, it does not count for the Fantasy league that will officially kick off in a weeks time and that is what this post is about.

Which type of Fantasy league platforms are there?

As always, there are

  • Free Leagues
  • Paid Leagues

The obvious difference is the cost, that really needed to be cleared up right! The advantage of the paid league is that it there is generally a cash prize at the end of it.
The free ones are generally about “Banter”
We at One Player Down usually go for the free model, but it has been known to happen after the first 2 months of the season has passed that the password or even platform has been forgotten.

This year will be different!

Overview of Platforms

Not an exhastive list, just a taste of what is out there:

  1. Fantasy Premier League – Free, with a 1st Prize of “7-night break in Britain and will experience VIP hospitality at TWO Barclays Premier League matches during the 2016/17 season.”
  2. Telegraph Fantasy Football – Free and Premium league options – Free league winner: £5,000; Premium league Champion: £50,000.
  3. Togga – Free and statistic heavy as it is supported by OPTA, seems very detailed and much closer to the American versions of Fantasy sports.
  4. Premier Fantasy ESPN – Free, you can play against some of the ESPN columnist as a bit of a fun feature
  5. Sky Sports Fantasy Football – Free and the preferred platform for the Wiener Kickabouts, so this is one of the better Banter platforms

Extra dimension to the game

This is all about not just blindly following your team and helps offer a different dimension to being a fan. You can actually use it as a way to have a win win situation when your fantasy players are playing against your team.
There are many little tricks to help you gain a few more points like changing captains during the week etc. So it can get intense, just like The League tv show in the US.

If you want to start a One Player Down league please let us know.

Premier League banter

Here is just at taste of Premier league manager banter

Wenger vs. Mourinho
Jose Mourinho quotes
Alex Ferguson quotes

One Player Down - The Sports Socializing Network

The day that was…the Tag des Sport

Saturday saw Vienna host another successful Tag des Sport.

Tag de Sport



With the weather also “playing ball”, it was a great event, allowing thousands of people to test out sports that they might have only seen on TV, or heard about. It also gave unknown (at least to One Player Down) sports find new fans by showing how fun and easy they are to access.

The typical sports were attracting the most people, but it was sports such as Bassalo, Faustball,  Mini Squash and Prellball that caught our eye.

Bassalo is a very simple game that involves throwing a ball using a cup across a net to the other player, the scoring was not clear but the guess is the one who drops it loses.  It was not just the simplicity of the concept, it was the diversity of ages that tried them that we loved seeing.

Faustball, not so unknown here it seems but not exactly up there with football in its popularity was demonstrated by people trying to punch a ball through a hole.  From a look through YouTube, it looks like a similar game to volleyball but the ball is allowed to bounce on the ground

Mini Squash is really self explanatary, squash but mini.  Here it was plazed with a foam ball, closer to a tennis ball in size and with bigger raquets.

Prellball, is again similar to Volleyball in set up and thus very similar to Faustball, as the ball is allowed to bounce but it is played on a court the size of an indoor volleyball court.

All very interesting and there were a lot more sports on show as well.

Looking forward to next year where hopefully One Player Down will have a booth and you will get to meet the whole team.

One Player Down small logo

Tag des Sport Wien 2014

On the 20th September the Tag des Sport 2014 will be taking place in Vienna and, while One Player Down is not officially a partner (at least not this year), we are behind all things sporting…so it goes without saying that we are great supporters of the Tag des Sport.

Also did we say that the enrty price is FREE!

This is a great opportunity for people to get to grips with Sports in Vienna, the options, the organizations behind them, etc.

There will be many thing taking place on the day so seeing it all might be quite the task, are you up for the challenge?

There will be famous athletes from all sporting backgrounds, ability to test out new games, free samples from all big bands (not a promise, just a likelihood) among many other things.

The traditional sports will all be represented there, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Skiing etc but it is the lesser know sports that have got us excited this year.

Bike Polo
and a few others.

Unfortunately, one is missing but that is not a problem, as we here at One Player Down have your back…all will be revealed soon, you just have to wait for the next post to find out all about it.
Visit Tag des Sports 2014 for more about what the day has in store and remember that One Player Down is the easy and quick way to organize all your sporting events watching or playing.


What is a Sports Socializing Network?

One of the questions we get asked most often is what is a Sports Socializing Network exactly, and how does it differ from a Social Network, Sports Network or a Sports Social Network.  Though there are similarities and overlaps, there are big differences between the latter three and a Sports Socializing Network.

First let me define what the other three are.

First up is the Social Network:

better known as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat … This is where you keep up with your friends and what they are doing in general, having kids, going out to bars, starting new hobbies, playing sports, supporting teams, liking new companies…the list is endless.  This is 90% of the time a passive activity but great for keeping up with the goings on of friends all over the globe.

Second up is a Sports Network:

ESPN is a Sports Network, they offer the chance to watch and find out about major sports happening around the world.  Sky Sports falls into this category as it offers the same but just with a different accent.  In general this is a passive activity.

Last up is a Sports Social Network:

sportslosbster, PlayUp and even things like Teamtalk could fall into this range.  Though these are great, and used by the One Player Down Team, they tend to focus on behind a Computer users, not the people that participate in sports,  you guys!  So once again it is a passive activity, showing the support for a team and discussing with like minded fans about a sport/team you love.  It is a somewhat hybrid of the Social Network and the Sports Network.

Now we come to the Sports Socializing Network…There is only one in the world and you guessed it, you are reading the blog of the one and only Sports Socializing Network there is – One Player Down.  We are not about the passive keyboard warriors or the fans of the sport, we are about the movers and shakers, the ones that want to Get in the Game.  We are a “sweating is not optional” platform, helping you to meet new people, stay active and organize games/teams/leagues with the minimum amount of effort.

Being a fan is great fun but being a player…that is just better.

Skill level is not an issue, playing is the name of the game.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in the Game





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Is your bike ready for spring

As you may or may not know, the bike festival is taking place this weekend at Rathausplatz. For the full rundown on what you will find there click HERE. or visit the bike festival

But this post is about staying safe on the roads, there are many ways and extra equipment but the most important has to be having a bike fit for the road, something that is important if you have taken a winter break from biking to work/school etc.
If you are not able to do it yourself, you can take your bike to a bike store, get a free check up at one of these locations in Vienna, or use these videos to guide you through the process.


Gratis rad check wien
Bike maintenance videos


Running with the expats

The progress from the One Player Down network is moving forward at a great pace. New features, more users and now the backing from the Expat Center Vienna as well.

If you are an expat and have not taken part in one of their events or are not a club member, it is a great service to use and it will help you enjoy your time in Vienna even more with great support networks and insider tips.

Their new idea is to start using sports to help people socialize and integrate, two of One Player Down’s core principles.

They have started a running group and in doing so, have invited the group to use the One Player Down platform. The running group is likely to be just the beginning of sport groups through the Expat Center Vienna.

So if you are looking to meet new people or try new sports, just sign up today and Get in the Game.


Expat Center Vienna

One Player Down


Just one question to answer…

We are going to take you on a quick journey by asking you just one question.  When was the last time you randomly knocked on a friend’s door, before calling them, sending them a message on whatever platform, just plain old “I am in the mood to go play a sport with my friend and I am in the neighborhood”?

Just what we thought…You are going back almost ten years when your friends use to live in your local area.  For a lot of people, their friends are spread all over the world.

That makes finding people to play sports with difficult, unless you are like Nick who will interrupt a conversation at another table just to make sure he can play some Tennis, he is a one of a kind, at least we hope…

We are trying to make that type of spontaneity possible again, and as the weather is getting better we know that more games will be organized on the fly.

Make sure you use every last drop of the Spring/Summer/Autumn when you can and don’t miss out on playing because you were one player down…Sign up now for your account www.oneplayerdown.com


Image from

Film: The Sandlot

Director: David M. Evans

Fitness Friday – Too busy to play…Really!

So, the often used excuse, other things get in the way and sport becomes less possible to do.

While filing tax returns, looking for pensions, and then just letting of some steam and watching your favorite show are all valid things to do with your time, so are sports and socializing.

There are many ways to sneak a quick bit of fitness into our day, cycle to work, take the stairs or get off a stop early and walk but these are just to help your fitness, and are not social in and of themselves.  These belong to the “sneak in a workout” category and there are many types and they are very good at helping health and stress levels.  We are talking about sports that help you settle into a new area, make new friends and socialize in general.  These help not only your fitness but can help you be happy in even more aspects of your life, so it is more important than you think to make the time.

Here is a scenario that we have all been through before, moved to a city, started a new job, looking to expand your social circle?  These are all things that can be made easier through using sport as a socialization tool.  It can be compared to a first date when you decide to go to a movie to take the pressure off having to find something in common to talk about.  With meeting or integrating with new people though sport, you have already found the common ground, so you have saved some of the precious time you didn’t think you had.

Talking about time, this takes us back to the One Player Down platform, wow look at how effortless that was!  We are doing our best to take care of the more boring side of sport and socializing for you, so you can spend that time, you know the stuff say you don’t have, actually playing.

So what are you waiting for it is time to Get in the Game and register at www.oneplayerdown.com to help us create the best and only Sports Socializing Network for you.

Here are a few people that even find time for some Sports and Socializing at the same time: Jogging and taking care of business


Let’s Move Campaign
Fitness Magazine