We Love Vienna but…

That is a bit of a bad title for people trying to start something in Vienna but this is a post that needs to be written.

Pick-up games live and die on the availability of cheap – read free- facilities –  that are available to the masses.  Basketball in Vienna is great as there are a lot of places in and around the city, Beach volleyball too, skating has a lot of places as well.  Then we come to “the beautiful game”, the one that every bar in the city made sure that every patron was able to see a TV for fear of losing customers, Football, Soccer, Fußball, fotbol whatever you call it.  This is not really catered to in the city at all.  Yes there is cage football available but that is not as in demand as playing on grass, jumpers for goal posts and joy of playing on grass.

Prater or Donauinsel are built for picnics, to play football there is to risk serious injury.

In London from the moment work, school or university finishes on a weekday in the summer, the parks are filled with people of various skill levels playing.  By the end of the summer the ground though hard as a rock and as bald as Bruce Willis after a hair cut it is still flat.  That is the thing that separates these parks from Prater or Donauinsel; flat, level, even surfaces. There are no sinkholes, craters etc where the ball or even a smaller player might disappear down.

Then, in a random conversation, this complaint was turned on its head as the most pristine and fantastic secret of Vienna was unveiled.  The emerald paradise that is DonauPark:

DonauPark where Monday night football can live on

DonauPark the Emerald Paradise

The Vienese home of Football

DonauTurm in DonauPark









It is time that this park was used for the good of Football, it is really the un appreciated gem of Vienna and hopefully the saviour of Monday night football.

If you are interested in Monday night football or more games organized in DonauPark just register at One Player Down to find out more or to create your own.

One Player Down - The Sports Socializing Network

One Player Down – The Sports Socializing Network


It starts now

The group qualifiers are now in the past and it has been quite the ride so far.
We have had upsets, predictable scores – at least by the One Player Down team on Facebook – and a few controversies.

First the upsets and like a Rioja, Spain did not travel well. A tournament too far for some, a real shame for it to end like that for Casillas in particular.

Portugal proved that without Ronaldo is not a top team at the moment, lots of individuals.

In general it has been a bad cup so far for the European, African an Asian teams.

This has so far been the World Cup of the Americas, but the fun starts now.

For the top predictions follow One Player Down on Facebook, we have surprised ourselves with our accuracy. Yes that is us patting ourselves on our back that you can here.

To the controversies and there have been a few…the big one aka Count Suarez need not be approached here. The others have been some referee decisions, a few offside goals, some dubious penalties etc but these things happen. Brazil might have benefited more than others but a tournament with the home nation not getting a few calls is impossible and the World Cup is always richer with Brazil in it.

We predicted an Argentina win and we are gonna stick with that, there are shades of Mexico 86 and the one man show that Maradona put on then with Messi being the difference in all the games so far.

Just one side note, the support for the US team has been a massive surprise at this tournament. It can only be good for the game in general to have the US take to the beautiful game.

Now it is time to get behind your team and support them to the final.

World Cup Fever – Brazil 2014

The World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner,starting with Brazil vs Croatia on Thursday.

It is time for predictions, fantasy teams, completing your Panini sticker album, following everything with a World Cup wall chart and beer, friends, shouting, chanting, excitement and tears.

Let’s get the One Player Down Predictions out to the way.

France and Belgium are the Dark Horses of the Tournament

Spain would be a great as we would have been part of viewing history

Brazil as the hosts are a good pick too but…

Argentina is the pick from One Player Down as Messi and Aguero clicking will be near impossible for any defense to stop.  The fact that they have one of the easier groups also allows the to work their way into the tournament too.

Back to professional opinions.

These events are all about the fans around the world, as we have heard on occasions that the players themselves get bored, something as as fan it is hard to fathom.

We are going to present some of the fantasy team leagues, share some professional predictions – some not so professional – and talk about some great places to view with games in Vienna.


Fantasy Teams:


The Guardian have also added a nice twist by allowing people to pick their dream XI, have you ever wanted Zidane passing balls through to Maradona, see what Zico could have done with Ronaldo and Pele in front of him?  Here is your chance.


ESPN – here you can fill out your own predictions and see who will win
Sportsnet – Offers up their group predictions, from a Canadian perspective
BBC – British ex-pros opinions of how the world cup will turn out
Bleacher Report – Odds, Table Predictions and FIFA Tournament Preview

Where to watch the World Cup in Vienna:

Strandbar Herrmann
Wuk – FM4 WM-Quatier
Almost every bar in the city

It would be callous not to add a little about the political upheaval that the World Cup has caused in Brazil and the Manaus Stadium “White Elephant” issue.

John Olivier of the Last Week Tonight show has a comedic look at the situation, it has to be said that the views expressed in the clip are not the views of One Player Down

Though One Player Down is mostly for organizing to play sports, it can also be used to organize where you will view the games over the next month with friends, colleagues or fellow country men and women.

Get in the Game


Fusiön 2014

Fusiön 2014 Indonesian - Austrian cultural event

Fusiön 2014






This Friday 30th May PPI Austria (The Austrian Indonesian Society) is putting on a cultural and sporting event in Vienna called Fusiön 2014.  It promises to be a fantastic two days of new people getting to know each other and the Indonesian culture.

In the words of the organizers “Fusiön 2014  is a networking event between European-based Indonesian students and their colleagues. This event consist of sports tournament, which includes mini-soccer, table-tennis and badminton, and a cultural night. This event is organised by PPI-Austria (Indonesian students and youth association in Austria), and will be held in Vienna on 30-31 May 2014.”

One Player Down as the Sports Socializing Network is happy to be working with Fusiön 2014 supporting them by hosting their sporting events on the One Player Down website.  The principles behind the Fusiön 2014 cultural event are core to what we believe at One Player Down, sport is a great way to integrate, the language on the sports field is sweat, hard work and enjoyment, no need for Google translate for that.

The events will be held at the Sportcenter Donau City, Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220 Vienna on Friday starting at 10am and on Saturday at 9am.

Football Fusiön Friday
Badminton Fusiön FridayTable Tennis Fusiön Friday

Football Fusiön Saturday
Badminton Fusiön Saturday
Table Tennis Fusiön Saturday

To view these events you need to be a registered user of One Player Down, to find out all about the Fusiön 2014 Fun and Sport Indonesian – Österreich Networking Festival click HERE or follow them on Twitter @Fusioen2014

Fusiön 2014 event map from One Player Down

Event Map from One Player Down


One Player Down partners of the Fusiön 2014 event

Fusiön 2014 and partners Including One Player Down

Qu’est-ce qu’une Sports Network socialisation (Sports Socializing Network)?

Une des questions qui nous sont posées le plus souvent est ce qui est un Sports Network Socialiser exactement, et comment est-il différent d’un un réseau social Sports Network Social, Sports Network ou. Bien qu’il existe des similitudes et des chevauchements, il y a de grandes différences entre les trois derniers et un Sports Network socialisation.
D’abord, permettez-moi de définir ce que les trois autres sont.
Le premier est le réseau social (Social Network):
mieux connu comme Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat … C’est là que vous restez avec vos amis et ce qu’ils font en général, avoir des enfants, de sortir dans les bars, à partir de nouveaux loisirs, le sport, le soutien d’équipes, aimer nouvelles entreprises … la liste est sans fin. C’est 90% du temps une activité passive, mais idéal pour garder en place avec les venues sur des amis partout dans le monde.
Deuxième place est un Sports Network: 
ESPN est un réseau des sports, ils offrent la possibilité de regarder et de découvrir les sports majeurs qui se déroulent dans le monde entier. Tombe Sky Sports dans cette catégorie car il offre les mêmes, mais seulement avec un accent différent. En général, cela est une activité passive.
Dernière mise est un réseau social Sports (Sports Social Network):
Sportslosbster, L’Equipe et même des choses comme TeamTalk pourraient tomber dans cette gamme. Bien que ceux-ci sont très bien, et utilisé par l’équipe de One Player vers le bas, ils ont tendance à se concentrer sur un derrière utilisateurs d’ordinateurs, pas les gens qui participent à des sports, les gars! Donc, une fois encore, il est une activité passive, montrant le soutien d’une équipe et de discuter avec les fans comme esprit d’un sport / équipe que vous aimez. Il est un peu hybride du réseau Sports Network et sociales.
Nous arrivons maintenant à la Socialisation Sports Network (Sports Socializing Network) … Il est seul dans le monde et vous l’avez deviné, vous lisez le blog de ​​la seule et unique sport socialisation réseau, il est – One Player Down. Nous ne sommes pas sur les guerriers du clavier passifs ou les fans de ce sport, nous sommes sur les personnes influentes, ceux qui veulent obtenir dans le jeu. Nous sommes une “transpiration n’est pas une option” plate-forme, pour vous aider à rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, de rester actif et d’organiser des jeux / équipes / ligues avec le minimum d’effort.
Étant un fan est très amusant, mais étant un joueur … qui est juste mieux.
Le niveau de compétence n’est pas un problème, le jeu est le nom de la partie.
Alors qu’attendez-vous pour? Obtenez dans le jeu “Get in the Game”

¿Qué es una Red Deportiva Socializadora (Sports Socializing Network)?

Una de las preguntas que nos realizan más a menudo es qué es una Red Deportiva Socializadora (Sports Socializing Network) exactamente y en qué se diferencia de una Red Social (Social Network), de una Red Deportiva (Sports Network) o de una Red Social Deportiva(Sports Social Network). Aunque hay similitudes y coincidencias, existen grandes diferencias entre las tres últimas y una RedDeportiva Socializadora.

En primer lugar permítanme definir lo que son las otras tres.

La primera es la Red Social (Social Network):

Mejor conocida como Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat… Aquí es donde usted mantiene contacto con sus amigos y lo que hacen en general, tener hijos, salir de copas, empezar nuevas aficiones, hacer deporte, apoyar a equipos, el gusto por nuevas empresas … la lista es interminable. El 90 % del tiempo se trata de una actividad pasiva, pero es genial para mantenerse al día con lo que les pasa a los amigos por todo el mundo.

La segunda es la Red Deportiva (Sports Network):

ESPN es una Red Deportiva, ofrecen la oportunidad de ver y descubrir los principales deportes que se practican por todo el mundo. Sky Sports entra en esta categoría, ya que ofrece lo mismo, pero sólo con un acento diferente. En general se trata de una actividad pasiva.

La última es una Red Social Deportiva:

Sportslosbster, Marca e incluso cosas como TeamTalk podrían entrar en esta gama. Aunque estas son fantásticas, y utilizadas por el equipo de One Player Down, tienden a centrarse en usuarios detrás de un ordenador, no en las personas que participan en los deportes, chicos!. Así que una vez más se trata de una actividad pasiva, mostrando el apoyo a un equipo y discutiendo como aficionados afines sobre un deporte/equipo al que amas. De alguna forma es un híbrido entre la Red Social y la Red Deportiva.

Ahora llegamos a la Red Deportiva Socializadora (Sports Socializing Network)… Sólo hay una en el mundo y lo has adivinado, está leyendo el blog de ​​la única Red Deportiva Socializadora que existe – One Player Down. No vamos de pasivos guerreros del teclado o aficionados del deporte, somos los que se mueven y agitan, los que quieren entrar en el juego. Somos una plataforma cuyo lema es “sudar no es opcional “, que te ayuda a conocer gente nueva, mantenerte activo y organizar juegos/equipos/ligas con el mínimo esfuerzo.

Ser un aficionado es muy divertido, pero ser un jugador… es simplemente mejor.

El nivel de habilidad no es un problema, jugar es el nombre del juego.

Entonces, ¿a qué estás esperando? Entra en el juego.


Was ist ein Sports Socializing Network?

Eine der Fragen, die uns am häufigsten gestellt wird, ist: „Was ist ein Sports Socializing Network eigentlich genau?“. Und weiter: „Wie unterscheidet es sich von einem Social Network, Sports Network oder einem Sport Social Network?“ Obwohl es Parallelen und Ähnlichkeiten zwischen den einzelnen Plattformen gibt, sind doch große Unterschiede zum Sports Socializing Network festzustellen.

Allen voran möchte ich die erwähnten anderen drei Networks definieren.

1.  Das Social Network:

Auch bekannt als Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, … . Hier bleibst du mit deinen Freunden und Bekannten in Kontakt, und erfährst, was sie gerade machen oder denken – sei es Kinder bekommen, in eine Bar gehen, ein neues Hobby beginnen, sporteln, eine Mannschaft unterstützen, neue Firmen „liken“… die Liste ist endlos. Die Tätigkeit auf einem Social Network ist zu 90% eine eher passive Angelegenheit, aber super um am Laufenden zu bleiben mit deinen Kontakten.

2.  Das Sports Network (zu Deutsch auch: Sportsender):

Ein typisches Sports Network ist z.B. ESPN aus den USA. Angeboten werden in der Regel Übertragungen von und Informationen zu Spielen und großen Sportveranstaltungen auf der ganzen Welt.  Sky Sports, Eurosports; Laola1 usw. fallen ebenfalls in diese Kategorie, weil sie mehr oder weniger das gleiche, nur in einem anderen Akzent bzw. einer anderen Sprache anbieten. Die Tätigkeit in dieser Art von „Network“ ist grundsätzlich passiv.

3.  Das Sports Social Network:

Sportslobster, PlayUp und auch Teamtalk kann man als Sports Social Network definieren.  Und obwohl diese Plattformen super sind und auch vom One Player Down Team genutzt werden, sind sie doch primär auf den User hinter dem Computerbildschirm zugeschnitten, und nicht für Leute gemacht, die eigentlich aktiv Sport betreiben wollen –wie ihr!  Also wieder einmal handelt es sich um eine Plattform für passive Tätigkeiten: Teams unterstützen, mit Fans über deine Lieblings-Mannschaft oder -Sportart diskutieren usw.:  Es handelt sich hier um eine Art Hybrid zwischen Social Network und Sport Network.

Und jetzt kommen wir zum Sports Socializing Network:

Es gibt nur eines auf der ganzen Welt und – Du hast es erraten! – du liest gerade den Blog dieses one-and-only Sports Socializing Network: One Player Down. Wir sind keine Plattform für die passiven Tastaturhelden oder konventionellen Sportfans; bei uns geht’s um die „Movers und Shakers“, die Leute, die aufstehen und mitspielen und dem Ruf folgen: „Get in the Game!“  Wir sind die Plattform, bei der Schwitzen auf dem Programm steht; wir helfen dir, neue Leute und Spieler zu finden, aktiv und fit zu bleiben und Spiele/Teams/Ligen mit minimalem Aufwand zu organisieren.

Ein Fan zu sein ist super, aber selbst zu spielen …. das ist einfach besser!

Können ist kein Thema, Mitmachen lautet die Devise!

Also, worauf wartest du noch? Get in the Game!