The Tech Post – Number 1

You are about to be taken behind the curtain of OnePlayerDown and the programming side of the platform.

We needed,  as part of our Rules of the Games, to have a lot of profile photos uploaded to the platform and that can cause a lot of repetitive tasks to be run in the background leading to loading issues.  So Matthias decided to write a new buildpack to optimize the images this task.

Here is it describe in a more technical detail in the words of Matthias himself:

  • Our backend is built using Node.js (Javascript on the server), and the app is run on Heroku
  • Heroku provides Node.js support using their own Node.js buildpack
  • Grunt is a Javascript “task runner” to automate repetitive tasks such as optimization of images and files (making them smaller for production use) and so on
  • Before my buildpack you had to run the Grunt tasks locally first, then publish to Heroku
  • With my buildpack you can simply publish to Heroku and the Grunt tasks are performed on their server
  • It’s very flexible, people write their own tasks etc.
  • Currently 74 people have “starred” the project on Github, and there are a lot of forks (people cloning the project and making their own changes to it)
  • Matthias is active at the Heroku buildpack discussion board if you have questions

So if you are a programmer, have a look at it and we would be more than happy if you used it.