New sporting trend

After the marathon a couple of weeks ago. We have been sent more and more information through One PlayerDown users about other running events around the world.

There are some big differences with these events though as they are not your traditional long distance events i.e. one person against the clock and their mental strength to push past the notorious “wall”. These are much more social events.

They kick off this weekend with the Redbull Wings for Life world run
This event is unique as it is a coordinates run across the world, starting at the same time. There will be a car following the runners and as soon as you are overtaken by the car, your race is over.
There are already a few players from One Player Down attending this

Then comes the zombie run tour. As you might have guessed, there are a bunch of runners that are infected zombies and a bunch that are not infected…yet. The idea is that the runners not infected reach the finish line before the zombies infect them. More or less a massive game of tag for adults. This is a little bit in the vein of the revival of kickball and dodgeball.

Then there is a 5k run in New York, ending with a massive party. It is the Kaskade spark run

A great part of sport is getting fit but socializing makes it more fun and helps mental fitness as well.

Whatever sport you choose, enjoy it!

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Your sporting week with OPD

As most of you know it is Marathon weekend in Vienna, actually Matthias is running it this year.

It is already underway and will finish at…, if Nick was running, it would finished on Tuesday.

That is not the only sporting event in Vienna over the next week.

On One Player Down:
Weekday Softball,
Wiener kickabouts Monday night Football, and
next weekend will be the start of the weekend softball league.

As always, just sign up to Get in the Game at

Other sporting events in Vienna:
Boogie Woogie Einsteiger Seminar 
Shaolin Kung Fu Kurs
Nordic Walking Gruppe

Here are a few more sites to find more Events:
Sport Union
Sport in Wien

Sport to watch over the next two weeks:
BC Zepter – Basketball Club Vienna 2013
First Vienna Football Club 1894
FK Austria Wien

Sport events to book now:
Erste Bank Open 2014
Austrian International Open AIO



Is your bike ready for spring

As you may or may not know, the bike festival is taking place this weekend at Rathausplatz. For the full rundown on what you will find there click HERE. or visit the bike festival

But this post is about staying safe on the roads, there are many ways and extra equipment but the most important has to be having a bike fit for the road, something that is important if you have taken a winter break from biking to work/school etc.
If you are not able to do it yourself, you can take your bike to a bike store, get a free check up at one of these locations in Vienna, or use these videos to guide you through the process.


Gratis rad check wien
Bike maintenance videos


Running with the expats

The progress from the One Player Down network is moving forward at a great pace. New features, more users and now the backing from the Expat Center Vienna as well.

If you are an expat and have not taken part in one of their events or are not a club member, it is a great service to use and it will help you enjoy your time in Vienna even more with great support networks and insider tips.

Their new idea is to start using sports to help people socialize and integrate, two of One Player Down’s core principles.

They have started a running group and in doing so, have invited the group to use the One Player Down platform. The running group is likely to be just the beginning of sport groups through the Expat Center Vienna.

So if you are looking to meet new people or try new sports, just sign up today and Get in the Game.


Expat Center Vienna

One Player Down


Wings for Life World Run

As you may or may not know, Red Bull has created a charity run of different kind.  It is Red Bull, they weren’t ever going to think small were they!

Here is the overview of the event in their own words

35 Locations, 6 Continents and One Start – Running for those who can’t

The run as is coordinated around the world with everyone running at once, all to raise money for the Wings for Life foundation who’s goal is to cure spinal cord injuries.

The Wings For Life World Run is the first event in which the entire World can race together, simultaneously. This groundbreaking race format means that on the 4th of May 2014, at 10am UTC, and equivalent times across the globe, thousands of competitors will start to run on up to 35 race tracks worldwide. On this day the world will run as one.

Here at One Player Down the first time we heard about this event was when one of our Users/Players decided to host an event.  Normally we are not going to blog about individual events but we want to support her to get as many people running with her as possible as this is something we believe in.

All you have to do is login at One Player Down, or Get a Beta Invitation

Wings for Life World Run

To take part in this event login to One Player Down and click that you are in

Was es Neues gibt in der Welt von OPD

Heute schreiben wir euch mit einem Update über die Plattform.

Wir sind stolz, euch zwei wichtige Neuerungen vorstellen zu können, die das Organisieren eurer sportlichen Aktivitäten noch einfacher machen sollen, wenn ihr OPD benutzt.

Nachrichten: Wir finden, dass dieses neue Feature besonders praktisch ist. Wenn du ein Event selbst anlegst, sind die Nachrichten automatisch aktiviert. Das ist nicht der Fall, wenn du an einem Event nur teilnimmst, aber wir empfehlen dir, den Service zu nutzen und die Box anzuklicken. Was dir das bringt? Du wirst ganz einfach auf dem Laufenden gehalten, z.B. wenn sich jemand zu deinem Event angemeldet hat, oder wenn jemand einen Beitrag zum Event auf OPD verfasst hat. Als Teilnehmer bekommst du außerdem eine Nachricht (eine Email), wenn etwas an dem Event geändert wurde, wie das Datum, die Uhrzeit oder der Ort des Events. Das soll dir helfen, immer den Überblick zu haben darüber, wie viele Leute wann und wo am Event deines Interesses teilnehmen werden.

Erinnerungen: Wenn du ein Event anlegst oder an einem Event teilnimmst, wird dieses Feature automatisch aktiviert. Der Hauptvorteil liegt darin, dass du 24 Stunden vor dem Event, eine Erinnerung von uns erhältst – damit du es nicht vergisst, und dich fertig machen kannst um am nächsten Tag zu spielen.

Nachrichten und Erinnerung
Diese Updates werden es uns ermöglichen, verschiedenste Arten von Nachrichten und Erinnerungen in der Zukunft zu generieren. Was wir nun von euch benötigen, ist euer Feedback – darüber, was ihr noch wollt und braucht für euer Sportleben.

Vergesst nicht: Es ist EURE Plattform. Und wir sind da um für euch das Beste zu schaffen – damit ihr neue Leute findet um Sport zu treiben und um eure Teams zu organisieren.

Genau aus diesem Grund möchten wir euch auch aufrufen, eure Freunde und Bekannte über One Player Down zu erzählen und sie auf die Plattform einzuladen – to Get in the Game.

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Fitness Friday (Sunday Edition)


This might sound weird but due to the cold weather people seem to put less stress on drinking water than they do in the summer months.  This is a big mistake, being cooler doesn’t mean you need to hydrate any less then you would normally.

Commonly it is said, that as soon as you are thirsty, you are dehydrated and to operate at your peak levels, you need to be hydrated.

Here are some shocking numbers from Human Kinetics “Exercise performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Losses in excess of 5% of body weight can decrease the capacity for work by about 30%”

The article also stated though High Intensity athletes such as sprinters should be just as concerned about hydration as endurance athletes such as marathon runners, as their performances can be just as affected.

Drinking water is a good start but we can all remember famous tennis players eating a banana when they are on their short breaks and it is the potassium that they are after.  This article from Web MD talks just about the importance of more than just water.

Staying hydrated helps the blood flow and thus keeps your muscles looser and in better shape.  So hydration, just as stretching can make your workout safer and more effective.



Web MD
Human Kinetics
True Lemon