Atmosphere and sports

Where to watch the European Championship

Sport is all about atmosphere

This is no different when watching sports.
With Austria in it and in a group that leaves the knockout stages a real possibility, it is time to soak up some of that atmosphere with some fellow fans.

Austria top of group F

The table looks beautiful with Austria sitting in first place, you have to love the Alphabet

Rathaus – Fan Arena

This is going to be the place to be for the Austria games.
What better backdrop to get behind the Austrian team.
Austria vs Hungary
Austria vs Portugal
Austria vs Iceland

Herrmann Strandbar

This is for the more casual fan. Watching football in deckchairs with your feet in the sand is an experience, especially in a land locked country.
Probably better to watch one of the lesser games here as it will be packed for the local games.
We suggest:
Belgium vs Italy

Any international Pub

This is where the atmosphere will be for the English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Republic of Ireland games.
Our picks:
England vs Wales
Northern Ireland vs Poland
Republic of Ireland vs Belgium

At Home

This is might be the best location to watch the games that might get you a little emotional.

These are just a few of the places where you might find some of the OPD team watching a game or 20.

Looking forward to a great tournament.

One Player Down Event to kick off MOVE for Movember

Late Movember event review


This is a very late update as we and sorry for that, but there are many reasons behind that and most of them involve procrastination of some sort.

We had some great partners behind us to help push the event and unfortunately due to time constraints it was hard to get the blog out in time.

This is a better late than never moment.

The original idea was a little different but sometimes you have to roll with the punches and in the end we put on a packed event with some fantastic feedback.

The serious stuff

Though it is great fun to grow a mustache during the Month of November, the meaning sometimes gets lost and we want to take just a couple of sentences to remind you all.

Movember is about raising money and awareness about prostate and testicular cancer, this year Movember expanded to include MOVE.

MOVE is about helping people manage their physical and mental health by being active. It is proven that being physically active can reduce the chances of cancer.

Here is an article from the Mayo Clinic “Cancer prevention: 7 tips to reduce your risk

This is something that we understand and that is why we are so behind what Movember and MOVE are trying to do.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some photos

One Player Down and Movember Event

The Thank you’s


– especially Nina and Christian who supported the event from the first moment. We hope we can make this an annual event to help kick off MOVE in Austria at the least.

Dish Tennis

– Helping us raise money and putting on a great show, don’t they always


– You were so generous to get behind us and donate sets all the way from Chicago, we are big fans and will continue to spread the word.


– You guys were fantastic hosts, donating too and going smoke free for the evening! The hot dogs are amazing but did throw us off our TriVolle game a little.

The One Player Down players, you have been behind us getting this platform going, helped us raise money and give us great feedback. You will get the platform you deserve, even if it kills us!

Photo credits: Movember Austria / Stefan Diesner unless stated, incl. the header image.

Please remember to #GetintheGame and you can also follow us on

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European Week of Sports


Before we start this blog, we know that we are a little behind, this is all a plan that will be revealed later

Gone sports crazy

Not only is the baseball post season upon us (one of us is a Mets fan and very happy), the european football seasons are in full swing, Basketball is warming up, gridiron is back in business and the rugby world cup is wowing crowds. Lots to sit in front of the TV for it seems, and the weather is looking like hibernating is a viable option.

Europe wants to make you sweat

tag des sports
Though might be time to grab the remote and take your TV for a spin, that is not what the EU thinks. A few weeks ago was the first European Week of Sports, where a lot of famous athletes were promoting people to move #BeActive.
If you want to know more about it all, there is a Sports facts
In Vienna there were also a couple of event sandwiching this one, the Vienna Sports Festival and the Tag des Sport. The former was something new to the OPD team as they had never been there before, the latter, well, you can read about it here in our Tag des Sport blog.
We are not trying to be lazy here but it was a very similar event and felt like deja vu all over again (RIP Yogi Beara).

Europe is not alone here

Be Active is actually an initiative that is backed by Michelle Obama. Here is a quote from the website:

Everyone can benefit from being active – from improving sleep to preventing chronic disease, like heart disease or cancer.

Getting people moving is a worldwide problem. 80% of our lives are spend indoors, that is as depressing a statistic as there can be.

Follow that up with this article from the daily telegraph about losing weight getting harder and harder

Everyone is getting in on the act

Governments are not the only ones getting in on the act, so are charities. In fact, a few health charities are noticing that it might be better to prevent illnesses through promoting healthy life styles than treat the illnesses after they have reared their ugly heads.

Movember is one such case as they now have an initiative called the MOVE Challenge

The One Player Down team is up for the month of activity of challenge, are you?

Still waiting for the big reveal? Well you will have to wait a little longer, sorry.
While you are waiting, here is an infographic from showing the other benefits of what exercise can do for you.


Sports App of the week – Sportlobster

Sports app review

During the time working on One Player Down, we have come across various sports apps, website and even print magazines that we feel it would be a shame to keep to ourselves.

Therefore we will do our best to do a review a week to maybe give you a new app to try or to have a fresh outlook on one you already do use.

We would love for this to be a 2 way street though, so if there is something that you want us to look at please just contact us and we will.

So here is Sportslobster


SportsLobster is a Sports Social Network, not to be confused with One Player Down which is a Sports Socializing Network, this means that there are all about interacting with fans across the world who support the same sports team, follow the same tennis player etc.

In their own words

Sportlobster was born out of the frustration that sports fans face in having to visit multiple sites or download multiple apps to get their sporting fix.

What is it about?

This is all about being a fan and finding out more about other fans and your team

  • Team News updates
  • Rumours
  • Getting followers

However, their main feature is the preditions and betting. This is where they drive their interaction and one might say spammy notifications. They notify you when a league you are following has a game and asks for a preditiction. They incentivise this with givaways etc, last week was and Apple watch, and this week is a Premier League shirt

Where is it from?

These guys are based out of London and judging by their CrunchBase page are not doing too badly. Passive sport is big business (we know that is a bit of a snyde comment coming from us but it is the truth). Something that we know about as there are a lot of sports betting companies in Vienna.

What does it look like?


Is it worth it?

This is will be up many people’s street but just is not one for us. Don’t get us wrong we talk sports all day long Jordan vs LeBron; Messi vs (not Ronaldo) Maradona and so on, but this was just not ours. The main issue was that it is a very “needy” app, always a notification and it seemed artificial, more about driving traffic and time on the app numbers than actual value. As a result, this app will not be staying on our phones.

We are sure that this will do well but it is a very packed area as our review of Fancred shows.

Where can I get it?

You can use the platform on their website, or download their Android or iPhone app.

As always, this is going to be what we would like to call a Live Review, meaning that we will revisit it, updating it and getting more in depth the more we use it.

If you want to find more people to play sports with just sign up to One Player Down and just Get in the Game

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Die Softball Saison steht vor der Tür

Die Auto Stahl Slowpitch Weekday und Weekend Liga startet dieses Jahr wieder, am 9. bzw. 19. April.

Als Titelverteidiger aus der Herbst Weekday Liga kommen die Wet Sox ins Spiel – und die haben ihren Titel wirklich verdient im Finale letztes Jahr; lies die Zusammenfassung des Spiels HIER. Aber natürlich ist die Frühlingsliga ein ganz anderes paar Schuhe und alles ist offen.

Die Titelverteidiger aus der Frühlings Weekday Liga sind die Les Boys, aus der Frühlings Weekend Liga werden AIS den ersten Platz in der Rangliste verteidigen.

Und jetzt eine kurze Werbung für One Player Down:

Als Erinnerung an die Manager der Liga: One Player Down ermöglicht es euch, eure Teams auf kurzem Wege zu organisieren – keine langen Email-Listen und SMS-Pingpong. Jeder Spieler im Team hat die Möglichkeit zu sehen, wer zum Spiel zugesagt hat und/oder ob euch Spieler fehlen. OPD wird es darüber hinaus auch gleich erleichtern, direkt auf der Plattform neue Spieler / Ersatzspieler zu finden, solltet ihr in letzter Minute welche benötigen.
Und übrigens: One Player Down funktioniert natürlich sowohl auf Englisch, als auch auf Deutsch.

Lest euch auch die Artikel „Was es Neues gibt in der Welt von OPD“ durch (im Menü auch unter der Kategorie „new features“ gelistet) um einen Überblick über die Neuerungen auf der Plattform zu bekommen, insbesondere über die neuen Features:

Nachrichten und Erinnerungen

Listenansicht für Events und Erstellung von Serienevents

Falls ihr Hilfe oder weitere Informationen benötigt, schreibt uns einfach über das Kontaktformular unten.

Und nun bleibt nur noch eins zu sagen: Let’s Play Ball!

Registrier’ dich jetzt!

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An eventful Summer/Fall: The journey continues

We have been working hard behind the scenes to get teams on board and work on installing the feedback from the “players”.

My softball league used it for the fall season, not all of the teams but we will get there.  My soccer/football team is currently using it for the winter league and Matthias’ basketball team is currently using it.

Some issue that we are currently facing are that every bit of feedback we are getting means that our brains start to explode with new ideas that will compliment the feedback and offer an even better platform.

As some of you will have noticed, we have implemented a few changes and we will use the blog to announce more in the future.

If you want to know more about us please send us some feedback or email us at