Mission Monday

Mission Monday will be about us talking about what we are doing and why we are doing it, in regards to One Player Down.  There might be times when we give small updates through the blog as well, before we send out a newsletter.

This week the focus will be about the invitations that are being sent out.

Currently, as we are in Private Beta the process is a little longer than we would like but it will change.  The more users we get the easier and quicker it will be for us to leave this development stage and enter into Beta, the first stage of being an open platform.

For those of you not versed in the Start up speak of Beta, Private Beta, etc., what it means is that right now we are working with a special group of people that can give us good feedback and help us become the platform that our users deserve and will make their lives easier.  The reason that the group is controlled at this stage, is to get focused feedback from people that are used to seeing the ideas in their raw stage.  If we are lucky enough that this group is huge then that is fine, so do not hesitate to ask for an invitation.  

Don’t get us wrong, the platform looks amazing, here is a quick example of an event:

Event one

There are just a few extra bits to be done, that with a steady flow of feedback from users will help us deliver what we want to and what you deserve.

Back to the invitations, if you have signed up, please look in your Spam accounts as the invitation might be buried there – Gmail’s new classifications are not our best friend at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing you on The Sports Socializing Network – Get in the Game


What is new in the world of OPD

The New Year is here and we have been working hard, as usual, to make One Player Down better and quicker to use.

We have added a couple of new features that will make managing or attending events easier and quicker.

  1. Event list view:  This view shows a list of all the events to give you a quick overview. The first big advantage of this view is that, without opening up each event individually to edit whether you are going to attend or not, you can now enter your response directly in the list view.  The second big advantage is the immediate overview of the status of each event (how many people are going/not going, how many haven’t responded yet, has the event been cancelled, etc.).  The final bonus is the ability to search for your groups/teams events, making the overview more user focused.
  2. Event Series creation:  To make creating a number of events more simple  (e.g. for a league, for a weekly training session, etc.) you can now do the following: While creating the first event you can click on the + button next to the time and date to add another event directly there.  By default, when you click the + button, the time is the same as the original time and the date is a week later.  The genius part is that you can edit or change the time and date both directly while creating the event series.
    This means that if you are creating an event that takes place once a week at the same time then just click the + button and all you have to do is press Create Event and two events will be created, this can be repeated as many times as you want; 20 events at a time – no problem.  If however, your event is at different times and not always on the same day, you can edit both directly in the Event creation window and save yourself a lot of time.
    As always all the events can be edited individually later.

Both the new view and new feature are a thing of beauty and so if you have not yet signed up to get a One Player Down private beta invitation, what are you waiting for?  Get in the Game


What is new in the world of OPD

We have been listening to you, we promise.  In fact, one nice extra that we just added was a head count on the events themselves to make a quick headcount easier and stopping you getting your screens dirty by pointing and counting, we admit that we count that way, so, so can you, we won’t tell anyone.

Warning!  Here comes the part where we tell you what you should do but it is actually a confession of what one of us did wrong.

We would like to take the time to remind some of the more injury prone players out there (Nick is one of them, currently sidelined with a torn calf muscle), that warming up before you play is not something that you should deem optional.

Here is a great article from Bupa giving you some tips.