The real Vienna Derby

Football in Vienna/Austria is a bit of a mystery currently. Once upon a time Austria was a footballing nation that had talented players playing for some of the top teams around the world. At the moment, only David Alaba of Bayern München fills this description and is a great footballer.

The Wiener Kickabouts (who host a weekly game on OPD) decided to take a little group trip to see the Echter Wiener Derby between two lower league teams Wiener Sportklub and First Vienna FC.

It was a fantastic experience, even if the quality of football on display was not of the highest standard, it was a great introduction to the Viennese culture.

The game was action packed with 2 penalties and a 5-3 for First Vienna FC to the disappointment of the home fans. The game was described as “Trefferreich und schmerzhaft” translating to goal rich and painful.

What was fantastic to see was that with the visit of the right wing Dutch Politician Geert Wilders to the Austrian capital, both sets of fans decided to use the public forum to protest and show support for homosexual partnerships, with a combination of banners and then even a halftime Rainbow flag made out of balloons at both ends. In fact a member of the Wiener Kickabouts was so impressed with the amount of the banners being produced by the away fans, it was joked that they must have a arts and crafts section of the fan club.

This is locally known as the Derby of Love and that was shown from the first minute onwards. Before the game kicked off, there was a moment to remember a Wiener SK fan who recently passed away called Erwin, again First Vienna FC had a banner saying he would always be remembered.

It was a real eye opener to go to a game that was just filled with respect throught the stadium, really inspiring.

It is official, the Wiener Kickabouts are now officially a small Wiener SK fan club and all it took was one game.

If you are going to viist the city to watch a game then make your way out the the 17th district, pay €12 and enjoy an atmosphere that you will talk about for years to come. To feel like an insider, remember when Wiener SK have a corner, Free kick, or a penalty you have to pull your keys out and jangle them to help support the team.


Sporting week in Vienna

Here is a brief overview of the sporting week in Vienna


Rapid Wien are playing Innsbruck on the 6th March, which after a quick look at the table, should be and easier game than the game against Red Bull Salzburg was.   Here is the Rapid Wien schedule

Austria Wien are playing Grödig on the 8th March which looks to be a good game as both are fighting for the 2nd spot in the league.  Here is the Austria Wien schedule

First Vienna FC will be playing Cashpoint SCR Altach on the 7th March and there is no need to look at the table, every game has been hard for them this season.  Here is the First Vienna FC schedule


Vienna Capitals will be playing in the quarter finals of the playoffs on the 7th March against a yet to be determined opponent, why not go and support them in their new arena. Here are the ticket prices for the game

American Football

The Raiffeisen Vikings are not in action this week, their next game is on the 23rd March against the Swarco Raiders.  Watching an American Football game is something everyone should experience at least once.  Get Tickets here

Baseball and Softball

Though it might not be this week, it is worth mentioning that Vienna will once again play hosts to the EU Baseball Championship in 2015, full news is available here

With spring in the air, the softball season will be starting very soon, so watch this space.

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Have a good sporting week from the OPD team.