A marathon: two points of view

The Vienna and London Marathons were this Weekend.  Both ending with new course records Getu Feleke in Vienna with a time of 2:05.41 and Wilson Kipsang in London with a time of 2:04.27, so congratulations to both.

These two are seasoned professionals so though the times are hugely impressive, it is One Player Down’s Matthias who’s time at 3:28.22 is one helluva achievement, one to be truly proud of.  The update is that walking and stairs are two big enemies of his today.  We wish him a speedy recovery!

As we know, you can either be a spectator or participant in a Marathon and here are two write ups from both points of view.

Here is the summary of one of our “Players” here at One Player Down:

“Thanks so much for your support everyone! 🙂 This race had it all. Just to give you a quick breakdown:

3k – Oh no, this will not go well

7k – I can’t believe it’s only 35k to go, piece of cake

12k – This 60+ year old gentleman in the Poland-shirt seems to know what he is doing. Let’s stick with him

21k Half time, it’s going well. Time to start the playlist with “A lovely day”

23k Music fuelled runner’s high. I am invincible. Leave my Polish friend behind and reach for the stars (in hindsight, a very bad idea)

25k It starts to rain

29k Change of strategy. Get out of this alive rather than break the world record

33k My old friend “leg pain” decides to join me. He promises not to leave my side until we reach to finish line. That’s great

38k Endlessly calculating the remaining distance until you end up with the answer that this thing is basically over in 45 seconds or so

40k Familiar faces cheer me up, nice one thx 🙂 Last bit – Activate tunnel vision mode

now – I can feel my legs again! Sort of. Yay!”

The spectators view of the Marathon:

Alarm went off, I looked at it and quickly decided that snooze was the best option.

This was repeated a number of time as generally one does not want to turn the Alarm fully off the first time in case such a bold movement causes a muscle strain.

Then it was a quick check of the clock. It only started a little over two ours ago, I can catch the final kilometers and the sprint to the end…Whoops!  That Getu Feleke ruined that plan.

Ok plan two, get a coffee, check a few tweets, Profile updates, instagrams and the like, of friends that do not value their Sunday morning lay-ins enough, i.e. are participating.

Ok all of them seem to be raring to go, so now so am I, task one was a bit of a failure but task two – spotting friends in the crowd of runners!  I am all ready for this one.

Ah, toast, maybe a bit of cereals.  Some orange juice, got to keep healthy as there are 42k runners mocking my morning routine at the moment, so chocolate milk and pancakes are a no go.

Wait, every good athlete needs some protein, scrambled eggs it is.

At that moment, it crosses my mind, my friends are not that famous (yet) and are not running in something like a diaper meaning the camera will magically find them.  Maybe I need to put more attention into the race to achieve the second task…

Now I am fully focused, hundreds of people are passing by the screen, I am gonna see someone I know any minute now.  What is that smell…?  NO the eggs are burning.

I hop out of my chair, run as fast as I can to the kitchen, just as I am close to the finish line – getting the eggs off the stove, I pull up with a slight muscle strain.

My decision not to run this year is vindicated as it has multiple times before and I go back to task two.  Wow my friends look similar to a number of people, this task is not going to be easy.

One more check of all social media platforms that I am aware of and…I find out that they are already finished!

Wow, what a morning.  Time to take a shower.

Maybe next year after reading the The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer Nick will be more inclined to take part

Once again congratulations to all who ran the Marathon in Vienna and in London, it is a great achievement and one to be very proud of.

If you had a friend that ran or is planning to run a marathon, it might be a great thing to get them a gift for when they finish, no, not a new set of knees or an Uber ride home, but Unique Gift for a Marathon Race Finisher, no don’t laugh, it might actually be more appreciated than you think.

Remember Next years Marathon is less than a year away, so it might be good to find a training partner sooner rather than later – Get in the Game