Career in Sports

Here we are in the Holiday period and you finally have 2 seconds to thing and wonder if the New Year might bring some changes, well just like sports, you have to make it happen.

Here a tip from a recent article from FastCompany

A lot of us have ideas of what our dream job would be like, who our dream company is, and what it would be like to be there. But have you ever really written it down?

It goes on to further talk about setting goals etc which you can read all about in the article “How to use Holiday downtime to advance your career

But we assume that you are here for the title of this post and want to know what opportunities there are to push a career in sports so here are a few options that we have heard about one way or another:

We know that we have not included anything as of yet from One Player Down but we are looking for interesting people to join the team all the time so if you are interested in the idea, sporty, and can bring something to the team just contact us.

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