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Sports app review

During the time working on One Player Down, we have come across various sports apps, website and even print magazines that we feel it would be a shame to keep to ourselves.

Therefore we will do our best to do a review a week to maybe give you a new app to try or to have a fresh outlook on one you already do use.

We would love for this to be a 2 way street though, so if there is something that you want us to look at please just contact us and we will.

So here is MapMyRide

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MapMyRide is just one of the apps offered by MapMyFitness the also offer their apps in a number of language. Here is what they say in their own words

We’re ready to ride, anytime, anywhere. Take your performance to the
next level with MapMyRide.

What is it about?

This is a fitness tracker, specifically for your bike rides. It has all the regular fitness tracker features:

  • Recording a workout
  • Sharing your workout on Social
  • Friends
  • Challenges
  • and many more

Now that it is part of the Under Armour, expect that the Fitness wearables will soon be integrated seamlessly (pun intended) into the apparel

Where is it from?

They are based out of Baltimore at least they are now after being bought by Under Armour

What does it look like?


Is it worth it?

This is a very well created app and if you are a competitive person either against others or against yourself then this and the rest of the MapMyFitness apps are a good bet.

Through the post to Social features, this can also increase your bragging rights as your times and distances get better and better. Be careful if you are taking a “Me day” from work not to post your times on Facebook though as your boss might not like that.

With the take over from Under Armour, it is a very exciting time with a lot of possibilities with new inbuilt sensors to help you understand your fitness better.

Where can I get it?

With Android, iPhone, Windows and even a Blackberry app, they have it all covered all can be found at the MapMyFitness app page.

More than just apps, they have integration into Microsoft Band, Jawbone and many other wearables

As always, this is going to be what we would like to call a Live Review, meaning that we will revisit it, updating it and getting more in depth the more we use it.

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