One Player Down Exits stage left

The One Player Down story ends

The main announcement first, we have been taken over by the great guys at Footy Addicts

What this means is that all the OPD community that was more interested in Football will be very well looked after, these guys really know what they are doing.

For the non-footballing members for the OPD community, it is time to start playing football.

According to a survey conducted by FIFA published in 2001, over 240 million people from more than 200 countries regularly play football. Football has the highest global television audience in sport.

Unfortunately, there are not any worthwhile sites around catering to all sports, maybe someone should build one.

Let’s have a look at Footy Addicts to see what you are getting

And the have the feature that we have been asked about the most…and APP. Actually they have two, Android and iOS

To all the non-football players, we are sorry but we were unable to cater to everyone in the takeover and had to go with a majority rules model.

A little more background

Families grew, priorities changed and for our CEO so did his Marketing Agency.

The initial team was Nick Stein and Matthias Buchetics and together they worked their asses off to get the project. There were a number of other people that joined along the way but it was these two that took this from idea to the platform that helped launch MOVE for Movember, push Spikeball (TriVolle), Pitch to Fortune 500 companies for investment and most importantly, put people who never met before on sports fields together.

Matthias and I can be proud of this project and as our final act, we hand you over to the FootyAddict team for the next part of the journey.

FootyAddicts Android App

FootyAddicts iOS App


Confessions of a Startup – The move forward

Anyone who has started their own venture knows there are many false dawns, things are done wrong, promises are made & broken, but everything/day is a learning process.

It would be safe to say that eventhough there is still a mountain 10 times the size of Everest to climb, professionally this has been the most intense learning experience that one could hope for. It is said time and again at startup events that

Failing, is failing to start…

That is as true a statement you will ever hear in your professional career.

Startups as most things in live can be looked at as a puzzle where you are charged with finding all the pieces that fit. Confidently we can say that we have found another massive piece of the OPD puzzle and it was Jakub Strama shaped. The breath of fresh air that he has brought to the team has been fantastic!

To be honest, though there were a lot of things going on behind the scene, One Player Down was in somewhat of a holding pattern as the adjustments to the “other” founder roles (fatherhood) that both Matthias and Nick were experiencing were beginning to take their toll. Now with Jakub, fresh perspectives and more hands on deck we are all able to consentrate¬†on what we do best or can learn quickest.

This means there will be more updates, changes etc to the platform soon. Of course we are working though the fantastic amount of feedback we have gotten with a priority list but we are always up for more feedback. Just send the feedback/feature requests to and we will work it into future releases.

Young entrepenure motivational tip: Read the book Rosie Revere, Engineer for inspiration to keep dreaming, this book is all about how to keep dreaming and trying as success is just around the corner.

Remember to sign up and join the sports socializing revolution that we are building.

Get in the Game

Get in the Game