Wings for Life World Run

As you may or may not know, Red Bull has created a charity run of different kind.  It is Red Bull, they weren’t ever going to think small were they!

Here is the overview of the event in their own words

35 Locations, 6 Continents and One Start – Running for those who can’t

The run as is coordinated around the world with everyone running at once, all to raise money for the Wings for Life foundation who’s goal is to cure spinal cord injuries.

The Wings For Life World Run is the first event in which the entire World can race together, simultaneously. This groundbreaking race format means that on the 4th of May 2014, at 10am UTC, and equivalent times across the globe, thousands of competitors will start to run on up to 35 race tracks worldwide. On this day the world will run as one.

Here at One Player Down the first time we heard about this event was when one of our Users/Players decided to host an event.  Normally we are not going to blog about individual events but we want to support her to get as many people running with her as possible as this is something we believe in.

All you have to do is login at One Player Down, or Get a Beta Invitation

Wings for Life World Run

To take part in this event login to One Player Down and click that you are in