What is a Sports Socializing Network?

One of the questions we get asked most often is what is a Sports Socializing Network exactly, and how does it differ from a Social Network, Sports Network or a Sports Social Network.  Though there are similarities and overlaps, there are big differences between the latter three and a Sports Socializing Network.

First let me define what the other three are.

First up is the Social Network:

better known as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat … This is where you keep up with your friends and what they are doing in general, having kids, going out to bars, starting new hobbies, playing sports, supporting teams, liking new companies…the list is endless.  This is 90% of the time a passive activity but great for keeping up with the goings on of friends all over the globe.

Second up is a Sports Network:

ESPN is a Sports Network, they offer the chance to watch and find out about major sports happening around the world.  Sky Sports falls into this category as it offers the same but just with a different accent.  In general this is a passive activity.

Last up is a Sports Social Network:

sportslosbster, PlayUp and even things like Teamtalk could fall into this range.  Though these are great, and used by the One Player Down Team, they tend to focus on behind a Computer users, not the people that participate in sports,  you guys!  So once again it is a passive activity, showing the support for a team and discussing with like minded fans about a sport/team you love.  It is a somewhat hybrid of the Social Network and the Sports Network.

Now we come to the Sports Socializing Network…There is only one in the world and you guessed it, you are reading the blog of the one and only Sports Socializing Network there is – One Player Down.  We are not about the passive keyboard warriors or the fans of the sport, we are about the movers and shakers, the ones that want to Get in the Game.  We are a “sweating is not optional” platform, helping you to meet new people, stay active and organize games/teams/leagues with the minimum amount of effort.

Being a fan is great fun but being a player…that is just better.

Skill level is not an issue, playing is the name of the game.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in the Game





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Fitness Friday – The Crazy Sports

We are currently being entertained by athletes at the top of their game at the Sochi (Spring) Olympics, but what about those crazy sports that you have only seen YouTube clips of, this does not mean that these people are not at the top of their game too.

For a short list next time you want to try something new out, don’t go traditional…go crazy:

So far we are not out of the “C’s” yet and it is 100% not your normal sporting day.

This is a list that could go on for days but we tried to get a nice rounded overview of what different sports are being played around the world.  Who knows, if you post an event on One Player Down to test out one of these sports (it would have to be under Miscellaneous as icons for these sports are hard to design), you might get a few people trying it out.  Be careful though, some look a little more fun than others.

These are not your normal sports, people do train for them too and hopefully in the future, we can get some Fitness Friday tips from the top athletes of Crazy Sports for you.


Friday Fitness – Olympic Special

Today the Winter Olympics in Sochi starts and controversy has been building, overshadowing what is one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

Google have taken a stand with their Google doodle which is using the rainbow colors that are synonymous with the rainbow flag, Google have also included a quote from the Olympic Charter as well.

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.”  Very similar to our philosophy at One Player Down.

Google Doodle

There have been a few other campaigns around as well, some comical, some more serious.  But the main focus is that sports is not about our differences, it is about what we have in common.  It must be difficult for the athletes at the moment, they have put in so much work and there is a cloud hanging over the event.  However as the Olympics is not supposed to have a political agenda, though history might counter this, it is time to support the athletes.

The Winter Olympics is thought of in certain circles as the poor mans version of the Summer Olympics, but there is a greater purity to it as the majority of the sports are individual, save Ice Hockey, Bobsled, Curling and a few other.  At this level of competition though, the statement “It’s an individual sport but a team effort” is never more true.  Though there might be one famous face the Bode Miller, the Marcel Hirscher etc but there is a whole team behind them that helps them train and achieve this level of performance.

Here is a Medal Prediction from Sports Illustrated for every event that will take place over the next few weeks.

We hope for an eventful Olympics for the sporting events and an uneventful one outside of the sporting events.

To keep up with the Olympics check out these websites:

Sochi 2014
ORF Live Stream
YouTube Olympic Channel
NBC Olympics
BBC Olympic Coverage

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