Tag des Sport Wien 2014

On the 20th September the Tag des Sport 2014 will be taking place in Vienna and, while One Player Down is not officially a partner (at least not this year), we are behind all things sporting…so it goes without saying that we are great supporters of the Tag des Sport.

Also did we say that the enrty price is FREE!

This is a great opportunity for people to get to grips with Sports in Vienna, the options, the organizations behind them, etc.

There will be many thing taking place on the day so seeing it all might be quite the task, are you up for the challenge?

There will be famous athletes from all sporting backgrounds, ability to test out new games, free samples from all big bands (not a promise, just a likelihood) among many other things.

The traditional sports will all be represented there, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Skiing etc but it is the lesser know sports that have got us excited this year.

Bike Polo
and a few others.

Unfortunately, one is missing but that is not a problem, as we here at One Player Down have your back…all will be revealed soon, you just have to wait for the next post to find out all about it.
Visit Tag des Sports 2014 for more about what the day has in store and remember that One Player Down is the easy and quick way to organize all your sporting events watching or playing.


Just one question to answer…

We are going to take you on a quick journey by asking you just one question.  When was the last time you randomly knocked on a friend’s door, before calling them, sending them a message on whatever platform, just plain old “I am in the mood to go play a sport with my friend and I am in the neighborhood”?

Just what we thought…You are going back almost ten years when your friends use to live in your local area.  For a lot of people, their friends are spread all over the world.

That makes finding people to play sports with difficult, unless you are like Nick who will interrupt a conversation at another table just to make sure he can play some Tennis, he is a one of a kind, at least we hope…

We are trying to make that type of spontaneity possible again, and as the weather is getting better we know that more games will be organized on the fly.

Make sure you use every last drop of the Spring/Summer/Autumn when you can and don’t miss out on playing because you were one player down…Sign up now for your account www.oneplayerdown.com


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Film: The Sandlot

Director: David M. Evans