Fitness Friday (Saturday)

Ironically, this post is about  keeping to a schedule and how hard it can be.

Everyone always starts a workout regime with great intentions. It can differ in intensity and regularity depending on the goals you have set and what age you are.

But as the saying goes “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray”.

So staying motivated and making sure your workouts are as an important part of your weekly agenda as other things, is not easy, in fact it is an art!

Woman’s Health has a few tips on ways to help stick to you plans.

1. Just Show Up
2. Play the Percentages
3. Book It
4. Make a Date with a Friend
5. Target Your Heart
6. Be Defensive
7. Invest In a Trainer
8. Find a Happy Place

It is number four that immediately One Player Down can help you with.  Not everyone has friends that like the same sports but on our platform you will find someone for sure.

As always enjoy your weekend