Fitness Friday – The Crazy Sports

We are currently being entertained by athletes at the top of their game at the Sochi (Spring) Olympics, but what about those crazy sports that you have only seen YouTube clips of, this does not mean that these people are not at the top of their game too.

For a short list next time you want to try something new out, don’t go traditional…go crazy:

So far we are not out of the “C’s” yet and it is 100% not your normal sporting day.

This is a list that could go on for days but we tried to get a nice rounded overview of what different sports are being played around the world.  Who knows, if you post an event on One Player Down to test out one of these sports (it would have to be under Miscellaneous as icons for these sports are hard to design), you might get a few people trying it out.  Be careful though, some look a little more fun than others.

These are not your normal sports, people do train for them too and hopefully in the future, we can get some Fitness Friday tips from the top athletes of Crazy Sports for you.